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It Just Seems So Wasteful To Mow The Grass In The Empty Unused Lot Once A Week

Tuesday, Jul 30, 2019
Having to have grass everywhere has always seemed so stupid to me. I mean I get it if it’s used in a way that it’s beneficial to have a lawn. Parks, picnics sports.. That sort of thing all makes sense to me. But I like when unused areas become overgrown and eventually woods. They were some of my favorite places to play as a kid. There’s a lot near here that was over grown most of the summer when we moved here.

Turn Off Your Lights

Friday, Feb 8, 2008
I wonder how much energy could be saved everyone would turn off lights at night. It’s interesting to see how many outside lights are left on all night. It just seems very wasteful to me. One neighbor has a light bright enough to light up our back yard and they live something like three houses down. Another neighbor behind us leaves more than one light on every night. One lights the side of their house.