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Someone In The Neighborhood Has A Rooster

Tuesday, Nov 23, 2021
We headed out for our morning walk this morning and when we get a couple of houses away we hear a roster crowing. WTF?

Great Morning For A Walk Today

Wednesday, Nov 10, 2021
It was a great morning to go for our walk this morning with no wind whatsoever and a milder temperature in the mid forties.

Lazy Sort Of Day Today

Monday, Nov 8, 2021
Lazy sort of day today but I still managed to do my twenty rep squats. After eating super we got out for a nice walk too.

We Started Walking First Thing In The Morning.

Tuesday, Nov 2, 2021
We started going for a walk early in the morning. It’s been feeling like an excellent way to start of the day right.

Nice Walk This Evening

Saturday, May 15, 2021
We were doing other things today so I didn’t get a workout in. I felt a little disappointed in myself but then I remembered I did so much yesterday plus spending some time with the grand daughter is more important. Time just got away from us so we we ended up getting sandwiches from Two cousins for supper. My meatball Parmesan was really good as always and their bread was just right but it just wasn’t the burgers on the grill that I had been looking forward to.

We Have Been Going For A Walk After Supper And It's Been Feeling Great

Monday, Mar 15, 2021
We have been going for a nice quick and short walk around the neighborhood after supper recently and it’s been feeling pretty good to do so. We haven’t been going far or anything like that. Just a nice mile or so through town in the evening and its been I think really good for us after eating. We’re not doing it for exercise like most people do. It’s been more for some fresh air and a little movement than anything else.