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Hurricane Omar

Thursday, Oct 16, 2008
Hurricane Omar has been an interesting storm and shows how quickly these storms can change. It looked pretty good on satellite yesterday with deep convection. Early this morning its intensity peaked at almost category four. I really would’ve never expected that. They plane this morning reported hail and couldn’t get into the entire storm due to extreme turbulence. The National Hurricane Center estimated the storm peaked at category 4 status.

Tropical Storm Marco

Tuesday, Oct 7, 2008
After the tropics got fairly quiet we now have Tropical Storm Marco in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s not that strong but very interesting still. It’s tiny. The smallest storm I remember seeing and they’re saying tropical storm force winds only extend out 10 miles from the center.

Hurricane Ike Aftermath

Monday, Sep 15, 2008
Hurricane Ike which was only a category 2 storm made landfall in Texas and moved north through the Ohio valley yesterday proves that the rating doesn’t tell the whole story. They’re saying it caused 30 billion dollars n damage and has caused at least 30 fatalities. From what I’ve read it brought in a pretty high storm surge over a large area. What really made this storm was the size of it I think.

Hanna Approaching The Carolinas

Tropical storm Hanna is approaching the East coast of the United states now with maximum sustained winds near 70 mph. It seems like there is a lot more convection today than there was yesterday but still not around the center. The minimum pressure is 980 millibars which seems a bit low to not be a hurricane but that depends on other factors too. It will make landfall in the Carolinas and move up the east coast and turn northeast.

Atlantic Tropics Still Active

The tropics in the Atlantic basin are still active but it is near the peak of the season. At this point there are two tropical storms and a major hurricane. Tropical storm Hanna is the closest to affecting land and should move on shore in the Carolinas and move up the coast. It really doesn’t look that well organized right now as it’s being influenced by sheer. Hopefully it stays further east and doesn’t give us much rain.

Tropical Storms Hanna And Gustav

The tropics sure got active now.. In the Caribbean Sea there is tropical storm Gustav. It made another landfall today on Jamaica. It doesn’t really look that impressive but is forecast to go between Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula and strengthen over the warm water. We’ll see how it holds together. It seems to like land so far. We also have Tropical storm Hanna north east of the Leeward Islands. Again it doesn’t look all that impressive but does seem to have a burst of colder cloud tops now meaning that it has better convection.