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The Tree Is Gone Watching The Tree Guy

Friday, Aug 27, 2021
The tree guys just wrapped up cleaning up. They did a great job and left it cleaner than it was when they got here. I didn’t notice a leaf or twig laying around. They were were raking and cleaning up as they went. They took it down with no damage to the sheds underneath it or our patio. Obviously we’d moved everything but they took their time and care to not damage anything that wasn’t mobile.

No Working Out Today, I Was Watching The Tree Guy

Thursday, Aug 26, 2021
I didn’t work out today. I was too buy watching the tree guys do their thing. It’s just fascinating to me. Maybe part of that is because I did some branch dragging and loading stuff in the truck for my uncle when I was little. Maybe it’s because of my brother’s business which I am proud of him for how he built that from nothing. It’s just cool to watch people do things which they seem to be good at and have lots of experience at.

Our Tree Broke Just As I was Getting Ready To Go Lift

Monday, Jun 7, 2021
I was just getting ready head out to the garage when I heard a series of cracks. I looked out the window and at first I didn’t notice it but a large branch from our tree had split and fell. That kind of shot my nerves a bit as I had just been out there in just about that exact spot watering the milkweed and hibiscus that are on the patio.

The Trees Are Blooming Now

Monday, Mar 30, 2020
It’s still March 30th and the trees along the street are blooming. Well technically they began blooming last week. They do smell good but they produce so much pollen that blows like dust everywhere and coats everything. I happened to notice the lower flowers today near the railroad tracks so I had to go grab a picture. A cluster of flowers on one of the trees across the street.This picture contains small pink and white flowers on trees.