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Warm Day And Evening Thunderstorm

15 Mar, 2019 - 1 minutes
The mountain west and central PA have had a massive storm this week with lots of snow and wind. That’s put us on the warm side of the storm with the warm front finally making it through we’ve had a high in the 70s today with the last patches of snow in shade being gone by noon. It was a nice day for sure. We tried to enjoy some time on the patio but the fucking mosquitoes were already out.

Eighty Degrees in February!

21 Feb, 2018 - 1 minutes
It seems like some of our biggest snow storms tend to be around Presidents’ Day. My best guess would be it’s because there’s still plenty of cold air available but there’s lots of energy and heat trying to push north. Either way a snow storm certainly won’t be the case this year. We went out to enjoy the nice mild day and go for a nice walk on the Northwest Lancaster River Trail and it was actually hot.

Flood Watch And Mild

4 Mar, 2008 - 1 minutes
A storm moving up from the south has plenty of moisture with it and warm temperatures here. This is expected to bring one to two inches of rain to central pa with possibly more where thunderstorms occur. the NWS has issued a flood watch for much of central PA due to this. This could have been pretty bad if there was a snow pack like some other years. 1996 comes to mind.