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I don't Understand Why Search Engines Continue To Show Sites Like Pinterest

Wednesday, Sep 2, 2020
I hate SEO with a passion and it annoys me no end how they manipulate to move up in results for searches irrelevant to what the topic actually is. Today I was searching for something not even related to images which is what Pinterest does and it shows up near the top of the results. Normally I don’t click on these links but I must not have noticed it but the old familiar page shows up with a few completely unrelated images and the login screen.

Sometimes The Answer Is Simple

Thursday, Jan 23, 2020
This occurred a long time ago with someone who is extremely computer illiterate. By computer illiterate I mean practically needs help to hit the power button to turn it on. So one day we needed to help them out because their web browser was showing some strange thing on every web page they went to. That didn’t sound good so we burned a CD with all those old programs to clean up windows.

Been Using Mostly DuckDuckGo For A While Now

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020
I’d say it started a little over a year ago. I noticed google was giving less and less of the results I wanted and more spammy SEO’d useless shit sites. Their home page is getting more and more cluttered. I’d tried DDG in the past but their results weren’t that good but for some reason when I tried around a year ago they seemed to be much improved. It’s been my default search engine for a while now and find myself going back to google less and less as time passes.

What Happened Google?

Friday, Dec 31, 2010
Google, can you please give me a way to get rid of the stupid and pointless previews for half of the sites that appear as an image on the right side of the page when my mouse hovers over the link. I find them very distracting and also a waste of bandwidth. They are there sometimes and other times they are not. What ever happened to having things simple. That and the good search results are what originally got me to begin using your search engine.