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Christmas is About The Money

I have to laugh at the Christians who believe Christmas is being taken away from them. Rather than being concerned about the war on Christmas why not celebrate it for what you believe it is about, the birth of Jesus, your savior. Christians ought to be much more concerned about the commercialization of the holiday than us evil atheist taking it away from you.

Christ Is Already Out Of Christmas

Tuesday, Dec 27, 2011
One thing I find interesting about Christians is how they are so quick to get up in arms over attacks on Jesus or religion or worst yet is when they get all bent out of shape about myths of taking “Christ” out of Christmas. I understand they have their beliefs and they should stand up for what they believe in but its is odd how they don’t care about the blatant commercialization of Christmas.

Dear Christians

Friday, Jan 14, 2011
Dear fundamentalist Christians, please accept others for what they are and don’t waste your time praying for me to become a believer. I don’t judge you no matter how illogical your fairy tales are, please give me the same.

Dear Christians – Not Everything Has Is About God

Monday, Jan 3, 2011
Why is it that so many Christians feel the need to try to twist everything into something Christian? Can they not just enjoy something without having to somehow trying to relate being Christian? My opinion on religion in general is it’s just a silly fairy tale that is used to control the masses.

The Bible

Wednesday, Oct 13, 2010
The bible is the world’s most popular and dangerous work of fiction. That is all.