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2018 The Year Of Flooding In Lancaster

27 Dec, 2018 - 1 minutes
2018 was the year of rain, humility and flooding. It rained then rained some more than rained even more most of the summer. It seemed like every other day we were in a flash flood watch then it quickly escalated into a flash flood warnings. Twice most areas here around Mount Joy were flooded with most roads in blocked. The second time I remember we had thunderstorms for a few hours with 10+ inches of rain in that time.

Tropical Storm Fay Brought Heavy Rains To South east

25 Aug, 2008 - 1 minutes
Tropical storm Fay was pretty interesting to watch even thought it never got that strong. It just moved so slow that it dumped flooding rains with lots of reports of high rainfall totals. The that grabbed me was the spotter report of 27.5 inches of rain. There were lots of reports of 15 to 20 inches in Florida too. I would think the lucky thing is that the storm didn’t stall or move very slowly over mountainous terrain.

Flood Watch Again With More Heavy Rain Coming

7 Mar, 2008 - 1 minutes
Once again we’ll be under a flood watch. Things could be pretty ugly. I am just think that the river will be just a couple of feet below flood stage to start with storm total rainfall of two inches possible again by Saturday. Judging by the radar it looks like the storm has plenty of moisture to work with. his is just one of those times where I am glad to not live along the river.

Heavy Rain May Lead To Minor River Flooding

5 Mar, 2008 - 1 minutes
I got woken up last night by howling winds and the heaviest downpour since last summer. My Vantage pro2 said 2.06 inches an hour for rainfall rates.. It also said it’s raining cats and dogs, well no shit! Sounds like there is a little minor flooding out there now. I got up and looked at the radar.. What an impressive squall line it showed. Haven’t seen one like that cross this area in a while.