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Cooler Fall Like Day Today

Friday, Sep 24, 2021
Finally the cooler fall like weather has arrived. The low this morning dipped into the 40s for the first time since last spring.

Listening To The Wind Tonight

Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020
I am sitting here hearing the wind occasionally and it’s reminding me a lot of going to the mountains with Pop and/or my dad as a kid growing up. My dad went more during the fall and winter for hunting plus at that time he wasn’t umpiring and my brothers weren’t playing baseball. One of the things that I remember so fondly is the first fall days like this which it would be cold and windy and the first snow flurries of the year which I’m sure they had today.

Pretty Good Thunderstorm For November

Sunday, Nov 15, 2020
I saw the pretty impressive squall line of thunderstorms moving through Ohio on the radar this morning and thought it would be cool if they made it over the mountains. They never do though in the fall I wasn’t expecting it. Fast forward to this evening they’re a county away with severe thunderstorm warning flying here. I still thought they would collapse as the approached like what seems to happen most of the time with these lines of storms.

Miss The Vivid Leaf Colors

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019
I think of it every fall since I moved up here but it always surprises me how the leaves more less dull out in the fall on most trees. Growing up we’d always have the super bright oaks and maples and other large trees back in Bucks county. At the mountains there would be very bright maple and oak trees too along with the yellow birch trees and various colored shrubs.