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Earthquake Real Close To Home

Wow… I don’t know if it woke me up or I was awake but I heard a deep rumbling and thought that sounds like an earthquake. Well I got up and went on the computer and checked Millersville’s real time seismic data.. Something showed up.. So maybe it wasn’t my imagination. Checked USGS’s earthquake site and they showed a confirmed 3.3 earthquake just north of Mountville, pa Pretty cool! Here’s info for the [“Magnitude 3.

Dillsburg Still Having Tremors

Friday, Oct 24, 2008
Wow.. This is pretty interesting to me. I heard on the news that the earthquakes are continuing in York county. One even occurred while a scientist was setting up a portable seismograph. They say they hope to be able to detect where exactly the tremors are happening so they can determine the cause. They seem to be pretty weak quakes but still it’s pretty unusual on the east coast and even more unusual to have a swarm of them like Dillsburg has been experiencing.

Another Dillsburg Earthquake.

Monday, Oct 20, 2008
I thought this was worth noting since this area is not exactly geologically active. I just heard on the news that Dillsburg, PA had another minor earthquake Sunday. They just had one a few weeks ago. No damage or anything like that. Quakes are just unusual in that area. When you think about it though, there has to be some unknown faults underground from when the Appalachian mountains were formed.

Illinois Earthquake

Friday, Apr 18, 2008
It’s not something that happens all too often but an earthquake occurred in Illinois this morning. Of course my first thought was whether it was on the new Madrid fault but it wasn’t. It registered 5.2 on the Richter scale and doesn’t seem to have caused any major damage. It looks like there have been four aftershocks. one has to wonder how many of the people that live there are aware of the New Madrid fault