Die CAPTCHA Inventor DIE!

Wednesday, Mar 2, 2011
Die CAPTCHA inventor DIE! I absolutely hate CAPTCHAs. It’s nice that sites try to block spammers and all but passing the responsibility on to the user in such a difficult manor isn’t the best approach. For example today I needed to enter one just to enter my google account. No problem except for the fact that the damn thing was even less legible than my hand writing. They also have an audio option.

Audio CAPTCHAs Suck Just As Much As Visual CAPTCHAs

Monday, Sep 15, 2008
I had to sign into Microsoft live today for some reason. Well being visually impaired like I am makes the graphical ones hard to read. Usually it takes me a bunch of tries to get it right which really is an inconvenience but it’s the normal thing now. As usual reading the text really sucked. I happened to mouse over an icon that was too small for me to really tell what it was but the title said “use audio mode” I thought how great!