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Since We're Not Going Out To Drink I ordered Some Coffee As A Little Extra Treat

Saturday, Apr 18, 2020
Not often but we go out to eat once a week and maybe a couple of times a month we go where we can walk so we can have a couple of drinks. With the state shutting down non essential businesses we haven’t been going out, and even if restaurants were open we’d be not eating in them as an extra precaution right now anyways, It sucks but it’s only short term.

We Saw A Rainbow Over The Atlantic Ocean

Tuesday, Jul 23, 2019
Well I got the opportunity to see something I’ve never had a chance to see before. We had a dying thunderstorm move over us on July 18th when we were vacationing in Cape may. Really all we got from that storm was a shelf cloud and a quick burst of rain. As that was moving through the sun came back out while it was raining so I looked out the window to see if there’s a rainbow.

Cape May

Thursday, Jan 3, 2019
In the past weren’t really in the position to go on vacation but The past few years we’ve been able to. Our place to go is Cape May, NJ when we go down the shore. It’s not the cheapest place to go but it’s really nice, the beaches are clean and the town is clean. There aren’t a ton of non parented trashy kids like Ocean city where we’d gone in the past.