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We Went Back Conewago Potholes Since The River Is Lower

Monday, Sep 14, 2020
We have been meaning to return to Conewago falls potholes when the area isn’t loaded with people so we could really explore the area and relax a bit. The other thing about last time is how it was pretty hot out. Today was a nice day so we decided to head over there. The river was a bit lower than last time per the Harrisburg gage. When we got out there it was noticeably lower.

I Saw A Robin Pecking In The Snow

Friday, Mar 20, 2015
I happened to look out the back door and noticed a few robins hopping around in the fresh snowfall that accumulated in the back yard this morning. It’s kind of funny how little things such as this can bring back memories of people or places. Nan and Pop always told me when they saw robins in the spring and they were happy because it meant spring is on the way. Even the last year Nan was alive and called me or I called her she’d happily tell me when she saw robins hopping around.