Jan 262011

Another week and more snow.. This should bring the Lancaster county area their heaviest snow of the year so far with six inches plus of the white stuff.  It’ll be a wet snow compared to the very fluffy powdery stuff we’ve had for the past couple of years.  I’ll enjoy watching it fall. We’ve already recieved a half inch or so here in Mount Joy Pennsylvania from snow showers.

No bitter arctic temperatures with this storm either.  Highs should be near freezing with tonight’s low in the mid 20s. That feels outright warm compared to last week’s highs near 20 and lows in the single digits.

Jan 102011

It is looking like we’ll be getting a couple of inches of snow here Tuesday into Wednesday.  I can’t complain about that.. It’s funny how the past couple of years the heavier snow has been to our east over towards Philly and New Jersey and to the south.  Growing up in Bensalem it seemed like there was always more snow in the northern and western suburbs of Philly while we were always close to that dreaded mix line and seemingly always received at least some sleet mixed in.  Should be a fun one to track.

Jan 072011

Woke up this morning to a coating of snow.  I’m beginning to think that’s all we’re going to get this year which is the complete opposite of last year.  We’re doomed to wasted cold air this year so far.

December was cold and dry.  Only flurries and not much rain either.  I think we may have had one or two rain days.

Jan 012011

December was a cold month and fairly dry month.  Harrisburgh ended the month with the average temperature 4.1 degrees below normal.  Pretty interesting how the blocking held up through out the month and even had a close call with a snow storm.  It will be fun to see where January goes.

Feb 072010

Yesterday we had a good snow storm.  Very little wind occurred with it but snowfall rates of maybe 2 or 3 inches an hour happened Friday night.  I saw it snowing heavier than I remember seeing it snow before.  By the end ot the storm we had about 20 inches of snow on the ground.  Not bad considering the storm was forecast to be better just south of us which has happened more than once this year.  Near the Mason Dixon line into Maryland have been the big winners.

This was the most snow we’ve received since the President’s day storm of 2003.  That storm had given us close to two feet also..

The nice thing is that the snow should stick around for a little while with it getting to near 30 during the day and low teens at night to refreeze the melted snow.

Now looks like maybe some lite snow Tuesday into Wednesday.  That should be fun.

Dec 222009

This season so far has been pretty good for snow.. Saturday was our third snowfall of the year and Lancaster set anew record December snowfall at 16 inches.  Southern parts of the county received 20 inches or more and northern parts received as little as 8 inches of snow.  Here at home we got about a foot.  Rain for Christmas though will probably help melt alot of the  snow away then early January looks to be warmer.It was

a nice dry snow but we didn’t have much wind to blow it around.. Hoping for more snow later!

Dec 122008

We had a nice moisture rich  storm system move from the gulf coast up the East coast..   The system is currently causing snow and major ice in the new england states.

Here we were in the mid 50’s all day yesterday with rain and then in the evening the rain became heavy.  ended up with 2 – 3 inches of rain in the area.  My Davis vantage pro measured 2.06 inches of rain here.  This is on top of the rain from the day before.  I’m really surprised there’s not more flooding.

It looks like quite a bit of flooding going on in the area where my parrents live.  We had the warmer air in our area but They had snow west of here.. Snow in Texas, snow in New Orleans.

It’s been a pretty interesting December with some snow and plenty of cold air available to storms.

Oct 232008

It’s always a sign of winter coming when the leaves are turning but It’s even more exciting when the NWS is starting to talk about lake effect snow.  State college is saying temperatures should support lake effect snow into tuesday after the arctic from moves through.

I’m not looking forward to the rain but arctic fronts can be fun.

Feb 292008

It’s a pretty cold morning today for the end of February.  My vantage pro2 recorded a low of 14.1 and the coldest it’s recorded this year has been 8 so it’s not that far off.  Yesterday was chilly too.  The wind made it feel even colder.  It’s just a little more wasted cold.

Today we should see a clipper move through the area but most of the snow will be to the north.  Here the NWS is saying snow and rain in the evening with accumulations of less than an inch.  That sounds about right.  It would be nice if this clipper was an over performer like they are sometimes but that’s pretty unlikely.