Dec 272012

What happened to Slashdot? At one time it was the first site I visited in the morning. Now I just visit it once in a while since it has become so slow and bloated.

They used to have interesting news and even more interesting comments. Now all they show is old stories with the same old memes.

Aug 152011

It seems to be far too common for websites to have a pop up begging for my
email address these days.  If I come to a website that has a pop up begging for
my email address that covers the actual content I am trying to read I leave the
site imediately and do my best to never return again.

Mar 022011

Die CAPTCHA inventer DIE!

I absolutely hate captchas.  It’s nice that sites try to block spammers and all but passing the responsibility on to the user in such a difficult manor isn’t the best approach.

For example today I needed to enter one just to enter my google account.  No problem except for the fact that the damn thing was even less legible than my hand writing.  They also have an audio option.. I thought great someone finally made them reasonably usable to the visually impaired like myself.  Well their sound was so muffled I couldn’t tell the letters from the background noise.  Thanks for nothing.

It only took me about 10 tries to get in by trying to read them holding my magnifier to the screen.  Thanks for the inconvenience and waste of my time.

Jan 212011

Google says they are cracking down on spam.  That would be nice as their results have not been very good recently.  Almost every search has crappy results from the same sites such as ehow and yahoo answers.  There’s also the useless sites that want you to jump through hoops to get the answers to your questions and of course the answers are stolen.

Google says they’re doing something about it but we’ll see.  They’ve gone too long with no real competition so they did just enough to get by or wasted time adding pointless “features” like the page preview thing.

I think I’m personally going to look at other search engines to see if it’s any easier to find what I am actually searching for rather than the spammy crap.

Jan 112011

Here’s a message to those websites who think they are disabling right clicking to prevent someone from stealing your photos.  You are not preventing anything but you are hurting usability for those of us who may want to open a link in a new tab or a new window.  I know I could just middle click but I choose to right click and use the menu.

This may be hard for you to understand but your images and page were transferred from your server to my computer.  If I really wanted to get them I could.  Please get rid of the stupid message.  That’s almost as bad as the big sites who use flash to prevent you from stealing images.

Jan 082011

This morning while reading reddit I saw someone who is legally blind ask for some advice on a computer issue.  I saw some suggestions with good intention that really wouldn’t help and some things that were ignorant.  I wanted to address some of them here since I see this in real life all the time being legally blind myself.

The first suggestion that stands out the suggestion of wearing glasses.  That’s a great idea except for the fact that if someone knows they’re legally blind chances are they would already have glasses if they would help.  They Do not help me personally but I know of others who get much help from wearing glasses.  The other thing with this is glasses may help someone and the visually impaired person may even be wearing them but may not correct the vision enough to for them to do what they’re trying to do.

Another Great idea in theory is to get a bigger screen.  While it’s true you can increase the size of everything on a bigger screen keep in mind the visually impaired person may have to be very close to the screen.  A screen which is too big would cause the person to have to physically move their head to read a line or see different parts of the screen.  I sit with my face about six inches from the screen personally so that would be a big problem.  It also prevents me from using a laptop comfortably which actually sucks because I’d love to have one.

Also due to their poor vision transportation can be a big problem for those who are legally blind.  Just because you know someone who is legally blind who drives doesn’t mean everyone drives. I do not drive and honestly I wouldn’t even consider it if I could legally blind because I know how my vision is and would not consider it safe.  At least in the United States public transportation isn’t a priority so many areas have little or no public transportation.