Sep 092008

Today is going to be a good day. 7:40 in the morning and there appears to be some pretty strong thunderstorms moving towards us.  Not bad for September.  The other nice thing about these storms is it seems like a pretty solid area of storms so I don’t expect to be just missed by them like my area was all summer.

Some counties west of here have already had severe thunderstorm warnings due to the storms.  Radar was saying they were capable of producing quarter sized hail.

Jun 162008

An active severe season continues. SPC has us in centeral PA, well actually the south eastern two thirds of PA, in a moderate risk for severe thunderstorms. Maybe we’ll actually get something in my back yard this time. It seems this year that storms are going severe just after they pass over here and here we’re not getting much more than a little rain and some distant thunder.

It really doesn’t have that feel of a day with strong storms. It’s cool out and not humid at all. I guess things are expected to change enough and other factors will be involved.

Hoping for a fun day!

Jul 052007

We had a nice storm come through this afternoon. I wasn’t expecting much today with all the clouds in the morning and with yesterday’s disappointment still fresh in my mind. Seems like every time we get a tornado watch nothing really happens in the area. The one in 2003 that was a PDS tornado watch still sticks in my mind because hardly a storm developed that day. At least we managed to get some sun today. The sun never really came out yesterday.

On to today I was watching a few storms in Ohio then they moved into Pennsylvania. Didn’t look all that impressive on radar. They seemed like they’d miss us to the north but a line formed and moved right across. It started out with a light breeze towards the storm then I noticed a bunch of scud clouds. I didn’t want to bring the camera into the rain to get a picture. We got a nice cold rain and plenty of wind. No damage or anything like that but it shook the trees pretty good. There wasn’t much thunder or lightning.

The rain was very heavy. Picked up about 1.40 inches of rain here with .91 of that coming from the first storm. We had a less intense storm after the first one with quite a bit of distant thunder.

Jun 212007

It looks like there’s some nice thunderstorms out in western Pennsylvania. I’ve been watching them move south east today but the first batch missed me by a couple of counties. Maybe more can for or something before the cold front moves through.

I’ve been feeling the humidity creep up after a nice cool night last night and not much humidity this morning. I was hoping that would help cause some storms. Even though it’s a little more humid now it doesn’t compare to Tuesday. I’ll take a dewpoint in the 50s any day over one near 70.

I should’t be too greedy about storms. After all we did have three move through June 19th Thunderstorms.

Jun 202007

Yesterday was one of the best storm days we’ve had in a while. It didn’t seem like things would work out for us to have good storms when the first line weakened as it approached. I was pretty disapointed because before I shut down the computer and went outside to watch they looked great. For a minute or two it even seemed like the sky wanted to turn green. They weakened when they hit the river.

About 9:00 pm I was on the computer and heard a bit of thunder in the distance. Looked at the radar and there was one red pixel near here. Turned out to be a developing storm. Went out side and watched until the lightning got too close for comfort. I’ve seen it closer but there was lots of intense cloud to ground lightning. That storm passed pretty quickly then it started getting foggy.

Started hearing thunder again around 10:30 pm. I noticed the power dimming a couple of times before the lightning was even close so I knew that would be a good storm. Again there was tons of frequent cloud to ground lightning After the storm passed there continued to be a lot of lightning in the clouds. It also featured some very loud thunder. I also noticed many of the lightning flashes had a green glow for a few seconds afterwards. I couldn’t believe we never lost power.

I’m ready for more storms.

Jun 142007

This has been an interesting week in weather. Maybe even a bit unusual. Tuesday and Wednesday we had thunderstorms in the area. They were moving from northeast to southwest. Don’t really see that all that often.

Right out our house on Tuesday we had one with some pretty nasty lightning. I think we were on the edge of it though. We had heavy rain for a half an hour then the rain let up. That was when the lightning started. I was on the front porch watching the bolts come down to the north before the storm passed by us.

Yesterday the storms missed us but did prompt a tornado warning for southern Lancaster county. Don’t know if one touched down but I did read that someone reported seeing a funnel cloud and that there were some trees down and powerlines down.

This year hasn’t been as good as last year was for storms here but it hasn’t been bad either. Last year we just seemed to be in the right area for the worst of them often.

The storms did really cool it off nicely. After storms passed both days the temperature dropped into the 60’s That’s alot nicer that mid to upper 80’s. Channel 8 said the tops reached 40 thousand feet yesterday afternoon. That would help bring the cooler air down too.

Apr 262007

Looks like there is at least a chance of strong to severe thunderstorms tomorrow in this area. I have not looked at the weather myself that much lately but I caught it on the news this morning. That would be cool to have some great storms Friday.

Last year we had some awesome storms in the area and I hope that happens this year too! We actually had more hail than I could remember seeing in 2006 and plenty of wind, I don’t really like seeing peoples homes get damaged and stuff like that but I do enjoy seeing the powerful storms.

A great thing about the internet is there is so much information available about weather. Before I got online I was stuck watching TV for the information and at that time the best available source was the weather channel. That wasn’t very helpful even then but I had to take what I could get. I’ve learned so much just by lurking places. It all started when I discovered the newsgroup. Since then I’ve moved on to some weather boards.