Sep 092008

That was a pretty good line of storms for this time in the day and year.  I don’t think it approached severe criteria in my back yard but still we had a nice very heavy wind driven rain.  It got as dark as it would be about 8:30 pm as the storms moved in.  Just before the rain started I noticed low level clouds racing across the sky from west to east.  The line heald together as it crossed the river better than any I remember of this season too.  We even had lots of lightning.

Aug 142008

We were away geocaching last week in four states and stayed over in Maryland.  We had a blast with it too.  Sunday morning there were already thunderstorms developing over Delaware.  I could see the dark clouds out the hotel window.  They had severe thunderstorm warnings.   We went to do a fun multi and then decided to head towards home.

As we headed north we could see a nasty looking storm to the north.  We never ran into it though.  Finally by the time we got to Quarryville we reached and area where it had rained..  After reading the reports of golf ball sized hail I am thinking maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t catch up to the storm.

Anyways I was just looking at the NWS website at storm reports from Sunday.  It seems  they had lots of reports of hail.  What surprised me was a funnel cloud over  Hinkletown.  They have pictures of it posted.  Pretty wild storms this year continuing. See it here ( Funnel Clouds Observed August 10, 2008)

The nice thing though is the fact that   it’s been very nice weather for the past week.  The heat and humidity are gone.

Jul 232008

About 2:00 am I woke up to thunder so of course I had to get up and go watch.  It looked very promising for a good storm with a constant flashing in the distance with fairly frequent flashes close by.  It looked like it had already rained a bit. It was actually nice outside on the porch..  Cool but humid but I’m adjusted to the humidity now.

Things calmed down.. with still lots of lightning in the distance.  I went and looked at the radar and saw that a small cell had formed and a northwest to southeast line of storms was exploding to the west.  The line was severe thunderstorm warned and they mentioned lots of cloud to ground lightning..  I guess that explained the flashing in the distance.

We were under a warning also so I stayed up.  There was occasional nearby lightning with some moderate rain.  I saw the solid line of storms so I figured I’d wait and it would get better.  Now the rain is pretty much just drizzle with some nearby lightning with some light breezes.  First there were some warm breezes from the east or so it seemed then it switched to a cool breeze from the west and the lightning wa becoming more distant.  I went and looked at the radar.  The line  had become a really nice east west solid looking line with a time  break right over us!   Usually that happens with storms moving from west to east here but not ones from the southwest.  oh well..  Maybe next time.  It was a bit of a disapointment but still a nice little unexpected surprise.

Jul 142008

Well I guess our storm shield has ended. We ended up having a pretty nice storm yesterday. Not severe but had some nice wind and heavy rain of course. The rain was not nearly as heavy as last week though. I only measured a quick .3 inches of rainfall.

It did feature lots of cloud to ground lightning. Unfortunately for me most of the lightning was in a direction I couldn’t see from the porch but heard lots of firecalls on the scanner for lightning strikes. I’m kind of glad our house has lots of taller things around it.

A new we were in for a pretty good storm when I heard the constant rumbling as the storm approached from the west. It had a nice look of a squall line too. What I really enjoy about storms we get here compared to what I remember gorwing up is the sky is a lot less hazy so you can actually know when the anvil is moving over us instead of the sun just fading in.

We apparently got heavy rain last night. My vantage pro2 measured about an inch. There must not have been much if any lightning because I was never woken up by thunder. I love the rain but it sucks when you have to get the roof fixed.

Jul 082008

Yesterday was a very humid day and pretty warm too. It featured small thunderstorms popping up all day long but completely missing us. Most of the day they seemed to be focused along the Susquehanna river. They were pretty much stationary but drifting slightly with a south to north component. They almost seemed to be forming along the hills on the river.

By suppertime I had written off any rain for us because the last i had looked at the radar they were weakening. After supper I came up stairs thinking to check my email. As the computer was booting I heard fairly close thunder so shut it right back down.

By the time it shut down I went out side. It was very dark here with bright skies to the north. The dark clouds above us looked low and had that bit of a boiling look to them. By now the lightning was pretty frequent just to out south and south west. and we were getting very heavy rain. for maybe 10 minutes. The rain let up with just a little sporadic drizzle now.

There were lots of random smallish dark clouds in the sky moving in different directions. Now there was a breeze that kept switching directions but seemed the strongest from the west. The clouds rapidly gathered to the north east and after a couple of minutes of that there started to be flashes of lightning off in that area.

The rain let up so we decided to run to the gas station so Molly didn’t have to do that this morning on her way to work.

While getting gas the clouds were rapidly spreading from the North east and the west. On the way home it started to pour with large drops of rain. The rain came down so hard it couldn’t even run off of our front yard fast enough. It just looked like a big puddle.

After that let up the temperatures here were in the upper 60’s with a dewpoint of 66. Not too bad and that made for a good night sleeping sans air conditioning.

I know the NWS had issued a flash flood warning because of radar estimating six inches of rain in two hours. That wouldn’t suprise me at all. We probably had less than a half an hour of rain total and my vantage pro measured .64 or something like that. We were on the edge of the storms and seemed like a few areas were constantly under them.

These storms were no where near severe but it was just cool to watch the life cycle of the storms and besides that it was nice to not get missed completely for a change. Looking at radar afterwords they seemed to have developed along route 30. I wonder if Chickies ridge was just enough to help them develop in t

Jun 102008

Today will be the last day of the heatwave affecting central Pennsylvania among other places. It’s been hot here but not record breaking with highs in the low to mid 90’s each day. The humidity hasn’t seemed to be as bad as it could have been either but that’s not really a bad thing.

My mom who lives near northeast Philadelphia said her car thermometer read 108. That seems a bit high but that area always seemed to run hotter in the summer. North East Philadelphia airport’s hight was 99 yesterday. I though for sure they would crack 100.

I see that the storm prediction center has us in a moderate risk for severe storms again. They should develop along and ahead of a cold front that’s in Ohio this morning. This front should move across Pennsylvania today and tonight. It looks like a decent shot at strong storms. The storms are sure to bring plenty of lightning with so much heat to generate the updrafts.

Jun 062008

Wow.. What an awesome line of storms that was that went through on Wednesday. There were lots of reports of damage from the winds. What was even more surprising was the fact that a second strong line of storms went through a few hours later. There were even some reports of tornadoes.

We didn’t get a whole lot here even though SPC had us in a moderate risk area for severe weather. It was just awesome to watch the sqall lines race across Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.

Now on to less fun things. It looks like we’re in for a heat wave. Not fun. I never look forward to temperatures in the mid 90s and especially not after the relatively cool spring we’ve had. I have the feeling that it’s going to be a shock.

Apr 122008

Last night was a pretty interesting night for weather. We had a couple of thunderstorms before I went to bed. Nothing major or anything but a surprising amount of lightning for this time of the year. I guess a high in the low 70’s will help with that. It did seem as though the storms may have been strengthening as they moved east.

When that was over i went to sleep and got woken up 4:30 am by thunder again. Pretty impressive lightning and thunder again occurred with that storm too. I went outside to watch it but unfortunately by the time I got out there the storm was moving away. I found out later that it was moving at 50mph. There was a nice cool breeze with this one.

Mar 112008

Last weekends storm didn’t give us as much rain as promised but it did rain some.  Saturday afternoon the low seemed to start to intensify more rapidly just as it crossed central Pa.  We’d gone to eat at Red Robin’s in Hershey and when we came out it was sunny and clear except for a line of clouds to the south west.  By the time we got home the clouds were moving in.

One the storms moved in we got some insane wind gusts but the cool thing was to hear the sounds.  It was almost like hearing stronger winds above.  We got very heavy rain for a few minutes and wind blown hail.

Lots of tree damage in the county and power outages too.  None in my neighborhood but we went to Leola and saw roofing materials on the ground and saw ppl trucks near Chickies Rock park Sunday evening.  Two of them working across the street from each other..

After the storms passed here they really seemed to form a solid bow echo.  Seemed like it weakened on radar by the time it reached Bucks county but judging by the stats on my brother’s tree service website they got hit pretty hard.  My mom said it wasn’t bad at her house but she said there was a lot going on in the area judging by the scanner.

It was definitely a time when I wish I had my Davis vantage Pro’s wind sensor set up properly. I recorded a 29.12 low pressure here.

Feb 072008

We had two thunderstorms yesterday.  One in the afternoon which was racing across the area.  That one only gave us a little rain and a couple cracks of thunder.  I was happy with that for February.

Later on between 10 and 11pm we had a more impressive storm complete with a severe thunderstorm warning.  It was pretty cool to be out on the porch watching lightning off to the north and west at 10pm with no jacket in February.  If we can’t get any snow I’d rather have this.  It got a little breezy then had a good gust of wind or two and burst of heavy rain.  It made me look foward to storms in spring.

Also many records feel yesterday for the high temperature.  Middletown hit 66 breaking the old record of 60.