Dec 272012

What happened to Slashdot? At one time it was the first site I visited in the morning. Now I just visit it once in a while since it has become so slow and bloated.

They used to have interesting news and even more interesting comments. Now all they show is old stories with the same old memes.

Dec 032011

So our local newspaper has decided that they want me to pay a few dollars to read more than 15 articles online. To me this would be fine if I didn’t already pay to have it delivered. Why should I have to pay extra to read it online on a page loaded with ads? I don’t read the print version myself because of the small print not working with my eyesight. The truth of the matter is I would have canceled the subscription long ago if my girlfriend didn’t read it.

I understand they are a business and their goal is to make money. If they want to make money from me they need to give me something worth paying for and not the poorly written error filled stuff they publish. Also I would prefer it to be politically neutral. If I wanted “conservative” news I would turn on faux news. I expect facts in news so I could make my own educated decisions. I am able to make educated decisions and don’t need someone to tell me what’s right.

Apr 242007

How many times can you rob the same place and get away with it? For two stupid people 3 times in a week was too many. The robbed Cyber Warehouse last Tuesday and Wednesday. I heard about it on the news last night and couldn’t help but to laugh.

Why would someone go back to the same place three times in a week. Wouldn’t they think the police might be watching? When they were Friday night the police were there and caught them. Just thought it was interesting and funny at the same time.

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Mar 222007

Community Suggests Gun Possession Is Illegal For Residents

I just saw this and thought it was pretty interesting and bullshit at the same time. It seems this Home owners association thought they should not allow residents to have guns on their property. This is a good example of why I’d never want to have to deal with one of these HOA. I really wouldn’t want someone else telling me what I can and cannot do on my own property. Laws or enough..

Oh yeah and by not allowing people to have guns really will help with crimes. The laws about guns sure help a lot. People don’t get shot with illegal guns every day at all do they? Since they obey so many laws of course they’ll follow a home owner’s association’s rules I’m sure.

I don’t personally own a gun and don’t really plan to own one but I do have the right and wouldn’t let some stupid home owner’s association take the right away from me. HOAs can burn in hell. I really wouldn’t want to live anyone near people who think they should control what their neighbors can and cannot do.

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Feb 212007

Teen ‘sport killings’ of homeless on the rise

It supposedly started off as a game. The started throwing sticks and leaves at a homeless man after having a couple of beers with him. Then they started punching and kicking the homeless man. They also threw rocks and bricks at him and pounded him with a pipe and baseball bat. After that one of them smeared his own shit on the man’s face and cut him with a knife to see if he’s dead…

The part that disturbs me is that one of them said it reminded him of playing a violent video game. The only problem is he doesn’t have a very good grip on reality. Video games are not real. Killing some one is. You shouldn’t be killing anyone. But then again you shouldn’t be smoking pot or drinking when your 15 16 or 17 like they were. I’m sure this will help the people

I would imagine that the blame will try to be shifted by some onto the video games and the alcohol.  Anyone can see that they are just assholes and maybe now they’ll learn not to be one. I wonder if it would have reminded them of a video game if the homeless guy had fought back and injured or killed one of them.  At least the teens didn’t get away with it.

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Feb 182007

Mummified body found in front of blaring TV

A mummified body was found sitting sitting in front of a blaring TV.  He had been dead for over a year.  It’s just strange that someone can be dead for over a year and no one noticed. He was only noticed because of a broken water pipe.  The other wierd thing is the electricity wasn’t turned off.

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Feb 082007

No Charges Filed After Accidental Car Theft

Oops.. A woman accidentally stole a car in Ohio. She used her daughter’s key in a car that wasn’t hers. She must have been embarrassed.

This is something I’d do. I actually did try to get into the wrong car in a parking lot more than once. Molly’s car is black. Their are a lot of black cars out there.

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