Dec 272008

Wow… I don’t know if it woke me up or I was awake but I heard a deep rumbling and thought that sounds  like an earthquake.  Well I got up and went on the computer and checked Millersville’s real time seismic data.. Something showed up.. So maybe it wasn’t my imagination.  Checked  USGS’s earthquake site and they showed a confirmed 3.3 earthquake just north of Mountville,pa  Pretty cool!

Here’s info for USGS’s site – Magnitude 3.4 – PENNSYLVANIA


Jun 182007

Last week there was a tornado warning in Lancaster county. It turned out that the NWS said it was straight line wind damage but it got me wondering how many tornadoes have been in this area. A few years ago there was the one in Campbelltown. That was an F-2 and destroyed some houses.

Molly told she remembered hearing about a small tornado in town.. I did find one on the NWS’s site that could have been the one she was talking about. It was an f-0 and only 75 yards whide. Molly had said she remembered hearing it went between houses and caused no damage. The NWS site seemed to say the same thing but it had very little details on the tornado it self. I just thought it was pretty interesting that one has occured so close to home.