Jul 232008

About 2:00 am I woke up to thunder so of course I had to get up and go watch.  It looked very promising for a good storm with a constant flashing in the distance with fairly frequent flashes close by.  It looked like it had already rained a bit. It was actually nice outside on the porch..  Cool but humid but I’m adjusted to the humidity now.

Things calmed down.. with still lots of lightning in the distance.  I went and looked at the radar and saw that a small cell had formed and a northwest to southeast line of storms was exploding to the west.  The line was severe thunderstorm warned and they mentioned lots of cloud to ground lightning..  I guess that explained the flashing in the distance.

We were under a warning also so I stayed up.  There was occasional nearby lightning with some moderate rain.  I saw the solid line of storms so I figured I’d wait and it would get better.  Now the rain is pretty much just drizzle with some nearby lightning with some light breezes.  First there were some warm breezes from the east or so it seemed then it switched to a cool breeze from the west and the lightning wa becoming more distant.  I went and looked at the radar.  The line  had become a really nice east west solid looking line with a time  break right over us!   Usually that happens with storms moving from west to east here but not ones from the southwest.  oh well..  Maybe next time.  It was a bit of a disapointment but still a nice little unexpected surprise.

Jul 142008

Well I guess our storm shield has ended. We ended up having a pretty nice storm yesterday. Not severe but had some nice wind and heavy rain of course. The rain was not nearly as heavy as last week though. I only measured a quick .3 inches of rainfall.

It did feature lots of cloud to ground lightning. Unfortunately for me most of the lightning was in a direction I couldn’t see from the porch but heard lots of firecalls on the scanner for lightning strikes. I’m kind of glad our house has lots of taller things around it.

A new we were in for a pretty good storm when I heard the constant rumbling as the storm approached from the west. It had a nice look of a squall line too. What I really enjoy about storms we get here compared to what I remember gorwing up is the sky is a lot less hazy so you can actually know when the anvil is moving over us instead of the sun just fading in.

We apparently got heavy rain last night. My vantage pro2 measured about an inch. There must not have been much if any lightning because I was never woken up by thunder. I love the rain but it sucks when you have to get the roof fixed.

Jul 082008

Yesterday was a very humid day and pretty warm too. It featured small thunderstorms popping up all day long but completely missing us. Most of the day they seemed to be focused along the Susquehanna river. They were pretty much stationary but drifting slightly with a south to north component. They almost seemed to be forming along the hills on the river.

By suppertime I had written off any rain for us because the last i had looked at the radar they were weakening. After supper I came up stairs thinking to check my email. As the computer was booting I heard fairly close thunder so shut it right back down.

By the time it shut down I went out side. It was very dark here with bright skies to the north. The dark clouds above us looked low and had that bit of a boiling look to them. By now the lightning was pretty frequent just to out south and south west. and we were getting very heavy rain. for maybe 10 minutes. The rain let up with just a little sporadic drizzle now.

There were lots of random smallish dark clouds in the sky moving in different directions. Now there was a breeze that kept switching directions but seemed the strongest from the west. The clouds rapidly gathered to the north east and after a couple of minutes of that there started to be flashes of lightning off in that area.

The rain let up so we decided to run to the gas station so Molly didn’t have to do that this morning on her way to work.

While getting gas the clouds were rapidly spreading from the North east and the west. On the way home it started to pour with large drops of rain. The rain came down so hard it couldn’t even run off of our front yard fast enough. It just looked like a big puddle.

After that let up the temperatures here were in the upper 60’s with a dewpoint of 66. Not too bad and that made for a good night sleeping sans air conditioning.

I know the NWS had issued a flash flood warning because of radar estimating six inches of rain in two hours. That wouldn’t suprise me at all. We probably had less than a half an hour of rain total and my vantage pro measured .64 or something like that. We were on the edge of the storms and seemed like a few areas were constantly under them.

These storms were no where near severe but it was just cool to watch the life cycle of the storms and besides that it was nice to not get missed completely for a change. Looking at radar afterwords they seemed to have developed along route 30. I wonder if Chickies ridge was just enough to help them develop in t

Jul 292007

We had near misses yesterday and last night with some awesome thunderstorms. Yesterday afternoon we had one that pretty much formed over the next town east of here. There was lots of lightning a mile or two off to the east and then a heavy shower formed right over us. Then it ended with storms still hanging to our south and west.

When I went to bed there were thunderstorms that looked good on radar along the Maryland and Pennsylvania border. Molly woke me up about 3:00 AM or so because she saw the lightning and thought I’d enjoy watching it. I went out on the porch and watched as the lightning pretty much stayed a mile or two to our east. The power went off for a few seconds but we only got a little rain.

I got woken up about 4:30 or 5:00 am by thunder again and this time it was very close lightning and really bright flashes. Turns out a small cell formed right about over us and put out some lightning and rain then weekened but it wasn’t over. We kept being on the edge of the main storms with a little rain here and there.

Down around Millersville and Lancaster seemed to get the best of it if the radar was accurate. That’s also where most of the thunder was coming from. It was the house shaking loud thunder even though it wasn’t very close to here.

The odd thing is I kept hearing thunder for over an hour when the storms were into Berks county on radar there was still distant rumbles and alot of them. It reminded me of how storms would be up the mountains where the thunder seemed to echo along the valleys.

The sun is out now and the temperature is up into the low 80s with a dew point floating around 70. That should add lots of fuel for potential thunderstorms for us later. It could help them have plenty of lightning which seems to be the theme for this summer’s storms anyways. I’m hoping for the best.

Jun 282007

Yesterday was hot and humid. I know I’ve seen many days that were much worse but yesterday seemed pretty rough. I guess I’m just not used to this. When I lived near Philly there were days where it was around 100 and dew point in the 70s or even close to 80.

In the afternoon we were missed to the north and to the south by thunderstorms that prompted server thunderstorm warnings. I still had some hope we might get something but didn’t think it was very likely. When I didn’t expect it I got startled by thunder so I went outside to watch another vivid lightning show. Wasn’t as bad as last week but wasn’t weak either. It was a nice surprise. I think the core of the lightning part of the storm was just tow our souh. It was interesting that the lightning was closest after the rain stopped this time.

The storms with lots of vivid cloud to ground lightning seem to be the theme of this year. I can’t really remember having so much lightning so many times.

Today looks pretty good for storms to develop with the approaching cold front. Should be fun. Hopefully it doesn’t interfere with us going to 4th Thursday over in York but it probably will.

Jun 202007

Yesterday was one of the best storm days we’ve had in a while. It didn’t seem like things would work out for us to have good storms when the first line weakened as it approached. I was pretty disapointed because before I shut down the computer and went outside to watch they looked great. For a minute or two it even seemed like the sky wanted to turn green. They weakened when they hit the river.

About 9:00 pm I was on the computer and heard a bit of thunder in the distance. Looked at the radar and there was one red pixel near here. Turned out to be a developing storm. Went out side and watched until the lightning got too close for comfort. I’ve seen it closer but there was lots of intense cloud to ground lightning. That storm passed pretty quickly then it started getting foggy.

Started hearing thunder again around 10:30 pm. I noticed the power dimming a couple of times before the lightning was even close so I knew that would be a good storm. Again there was tons of frequent cloud to ground lightning After the storm passed there continued to be a lot of lightning in the clouds. It also featured some very loud thunder. I also noticed many of the lightning flashes had a green glow for a few seconds afterwards. I couldn’t believe we never lost power.

I’m ready for more storms.