Jun 102008

Today will be the last day of the heatwave affecting central Pennsylvania among other places. It’s been hot here but not record breaking with highs in the low to mid 90’s each day. The humidity hasn’t seemed to be as bad as it could have been either but that’s not really a bad thing.

My mom who lives near northeast Philadelphia said her car thermometer read 108. That seems a bit high but that area always seemed to run hotter in the summer. North East Philadelphia airport’s hight was 99 yesterday. I though for sure they would crack 100.

I see that the storm prediction center has us in a moderate risk for severe storms again. They should develop along and ahead of a cold front that’s in Ohio this morning. This front should move across Pennsylvania today and tonight. It looks like a decent shot at strong storms. The storms are sure to bring plenty of lightning with so much heat to generate the updrafts.

Aug 272007

We had a great time attending the GOTCHA event today. There were tons of prizes, including a very special Team Alamo coin. I’m very disappointed to not win that.

It was hot and humid today.. It’s never a good thing when you wake up to thick fog and temperatures in the 70’s in summer. Topped out with highs in the low to mid 90s with dewpoints near 80. Not fun.

After the event was winding down Lynn twisted our arms to go for a couple of caches and get ice cream in Carlisle.

The first cache was a huge relief. It wasn’t easy and if the owner weren’t there I don’t think we’d have found it. It was a fun challenge. After feeling dizzy and over heated the past few hours I couldn’t begin to gell you how good that cool water felt!

After that we headed over towards Shippensburg to do one near the AT. It was a short walk, less than 400 feet actually. That was probably a good thing. The heat was still high and there was thunder starting to rumble all around.

I think we got out of there at the right time. On our way up 81 we were seeing tons of lightning to the east and near Carlisle we caught up with the storm. We got in to Carlisle to go to the ice cream place but that didn’t work out so well. The theme of that trip was turn around, the road is blocked by a tree. I don’t remember how many but at least 4 roads we tried were blocked. We did get pictures but they’re not downloaded off the camera yet so I’ll have to post pictures later.

Aug 092007

Today we should get some nice thunderstorms. There’s a sweet looking cell out near Pittsburgh this morning. It will be interesting to watch how that complex of storms moves across the state and holds together.

It’s a shame that it will probably miss us to the south but it’s worth it to not have the crazy humidity we had yesterday. The SPC moved the slight risk of severe thunderstorms south today. We’d better get good storms after putting up with that heat.

Most of yesterday we had a ridiculous dew point most of the day. It was in the upper 70’s. I don’t remember feeling that since the mid 1990’s or so when I was still in Philly. I didn’t like it then and I like it even less now. I never really thought a dewpoint in the low 70’s could feel good like it did late yesterday afternoon and this morning.

Luckily the actual temperature didn’t make it as high as it could have either Wednesday or Tuesday. Both mornings we had left over clouds from overnight thunderstorms. Tuesday night’s thunderstorms even produced a tornado in NYC. That’s pretty rare.

We had the air on downstairs but not upstairs in our bedroom because we think they’d both be on the same circuit and that’s just not a good idea. When I went to bed it was still 91 in here.