Jan 212011

Google says they are cracking down on spam.  That would be nice as their results have not been very good recently.  Almost every search has crappy results from the same sites such as ehow and yahoo answers.  There’s also the useless sites that want you to jump through hoops to get the answers to your questions and of course the answers are stolen.

Google says they’re doing something about it but we’ll see.  They’ve gone too long with no real competition so they did just enough to get by or wasted time adding pointless “features” like the page preview thing.

I think I’m personally going to look at other search engines to see if it’s any easier to find what I am actually searching for rather than the spammy crap.

Dec 312010

Google, can you please give me a way to get rid of the stupid and pointless previews for half of the sites that appear as an image on the right side of the page when my mouse hovers over the link.  I find them very distracting and also a waste of bandwidth.  They are there sometimes and other times they are not.

What ever happened to having things simple.  That and the good search results are what originally got me to begin using your search engine.  The results now are not very good.  Usually the first page is just spam links and now you’re adding completely pointless features with no way to disable them.  How I wish you had some real competition.

I also don’t need to see image results and video results at the top of the page.  I can click on either image search or video search to get those.  Isn’t that the point of having them links?

Sep 112008

I had read about Google chrome and just had to try it out.  I would’ve tried it sooner but I kept forgetting to boot into windows.  I always like to try different things.  I first tried to use it under wine but that didn’t work out for me.  I’ll try again another time.

I was disappointed right from the beginning.  No menus?  No title bar?  That really takes away from the usability for me and just isn’t how I prefer things to be.  I only really tried it for five minutes or so and just wasn’t right for my needs.

With no title bar I guess it’s OK to make it look clean and all but it’s how I know which program the window belongs to. Imagine how confusing it could be if all of your program you have running would have a ui designed like this.  To some the lack of a title bar is a good thing because they just take up space for them.

No menu bar?  I really don’t like this at all.  I pretty much expect all programs to have a menu bar and know where to expect to find different options or features.  After a few wrong guesses I found out how to find preferences in order to find out if I can set my own back round colors and fonts for pages but I didn’t see that option.  That is what would really stop me from using it.

What I did notice is it loads very fast and is fast with opening the few sites I tried.  I will try it again in the future for sure.

No addons like Firefox has is a disadvantage for me too.  I’ve grown used to using and being able to find addons for just about anything I might want to do.

It’s certainly different than what I’m used.  It’s not really a bad thing but just doesn’t fit what I want.  I’ll stick with firefox.  It’s good to see something else out there.  Maybe it’ll help encourage  innovation.  The other thing is that Chrome is still a beta version.  Time will tell how it really turns out.