Dec 262012

Mafia wars on Facebook is one of those things where I have to keep thinking to my self “Why didn’t I come up with that idea.”  While it seems to be dying off now a lot of people have spent a lot of money on that game.  If Zynga didn’t do such a terrible job at mishandling it I really truly believe many people would still be playing and spending a ton of cash on it.I think it was a cash cow for them and they didn’t realize what they had on their hands.  I guess it had met their short term goals but.  Instead they made it more and more spammy with more pointless popups and more busy work. They should have cashed in on people enjoying the player versus player aspect of the whole thing.  They should have also tried to control the ramped cheating.Another thing I found interesting in it is just how seriously some people took it.  It was just a click game.  It’s just sad how many people called the money they put into it an “investment” though.  Many smart people who should have known better.

Dec 192010

Zynga’s mafia wars team are people I will never understand.  They blatantly ignore the players’ requests and go ahead and add more crap into the game trying to make it more than a click game while they have many players who have shown they’re more than willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

It’s interesting how they continue to drive people away or at least cause them to stop spending.  If I’d have to guess they’re are being run by idiot marketers who have no idea who actually plays the game.

Take the latest “upgrade” for example where they changed the inventory page.  While I agree it needed to be changed but now when I look at it all I can think is what the fuck?  They must have been high.  Then again I thought that when they introduced animals after people begged them not to.  I’m thinking that team is run by people who shouldn’t even be allowed to flip burgers on their own.

Aug 272010

This is something I’ve been wondering for quite a while and will never understand it.  How do people manage to keep a job when they cannot seem to make something function?  Take facebook for an example.  It seems like every day some of my friends’ profiles are not available.  Even better is when you try to log into your own account it won’t let you.  That’s been going on for at least a year now.

Last week things got worse when facebook was just giving random errors and nothing at all would load.  After that it was loading everything as https. It also gave errors when logging in and the stupid little graphical words one must read were not loading at all.

Inbox messages would not send for me and it seems that some people are still having problems sending them.  I can delete some now and they magically reappear.  I must have deleted one of them 10 times now.

Discussion boards in facebook groups just plain suck.  Half the time they won’t load right and a bug that’s been in existence since I first started facebook is that you can’t just jump to the last page.  When you click on any of the numbers from the main group it shows the first page.

It would be nice if someone came up with something that gives them competiion.