Jan 102011

It is looking like we’ll be getting a couple of inches of snow here Tuesday into Wednesday.  I can’t complain about that.. It’s funny how the past couple of years the heavier snow has been to our east over towards Philly and New Jersey and to the south.  Growing up in Bensalem it seemed like there was always more snow in the northern and western suburbs of Philly while we were always close to that dreaded mix line and seemingly always received at least some sleet mixed in.  Should be a fun one to track.

Jan 072011

Woke up this morning to a coating of snow.  I’m beginning to think that’s all we’re going to get this year which is the complete opposite of last year.  We’re doomed to wasted cold air this year so far.

December was cold and dry.  Only flurries and not much rain either.  I think we may have had one or two rain days.

Jan 012011

December was a cold month and fairly dry month.  Harrisburgh ended the month with the average temperature 4.1 degrees below normal.  Pretty interesting how the blocking held up through out the month and even had a close call with a snow storm.  It will be fun to see where January goes.

Jan 022010

December was a good month.. We had above average snow with the storms overdoing the original forecasts and plenty of cold air.  There is still some snow on the ground from the surprise 3-4 inches we received for New years.  Now we’re between an ocean storm off the new england  coast and high pressure over the northern plains states.

We’ll see what happens later in the week.