Mar 022011

Die CAPTCHA inventer DIE!

I absolutely hate captchas.  It’s nice that sites try to block spammers and all but passing the responsibility on to the user in such a difficult manor isn’t the best approach.

For example today I needed to enter one just to enter my google account.  No problem except for the fact that the damn thing was even less legible than my hand writing.  They also have an audio option.. I thought great someone finally made them reasonably usable to the visually impaired like myself.  Well their sound was so muffled I couldn’t tell the letters from the background noise.  Thanks for nothing.

It only took me about 10 tries to get in by trying to read them holding my magnifier to the screen.  Thanks for the inconvenience and waste of my time.

Sep 152008

I had to sign into Microsoft live today for some reason.  Well being visually impaired like I am makes the graphical ones hard to read.  Usually it takes me a bunch of tries to get it right which really is an inconvenience but it’s the normal thing now.

As usual reading the text really sucked.  I happened to mouse over an icon that was too small for me to really tell what it was but the title said “use audio mode”  I thought how great!  I’ll be able to actually do what I need to do with out a bunch of failed attempts.  I was in for a surprise.  It harder for me to understand the audio than it was to struggle to read the text.  The voice was distorted and hard to understand.  To add to that they had another “voice” to throw off automated programs.

Oh well.. Back to trying to guess from the picture which luckily only took 2 tries.  It was one of the easier ones to read with high contrast.

It really irks me that with all the technology which should increase accessibility they have to do such annoying things to stop spammers and other people who up to no good.  There has to be a better way.  Let’s face it.  They get through anyways so why go through so much trouble and waste other people’s time to do nothing in the long run?

Jun 152007

I came across a website this morning that I just could not sign up for thanks to CAPTCHAs. It was not a site I needed but just wanted to sign up to check it out so it’s not really important. I know I’ve written about this before but it can’t hurt to mention it again.

The text in the picture was so distorted it was hard to read it. To top things off the picture had very poor contrast so it was hard to tell where the text ended and the background color began. Enlarging the image didn’t help like it sometimes does. I don’t like spam but it’s slightly annoying when CAPTCHAs keep legitimate users from signing up.

Most of the time when they use the graphic CAPTCHAs I can get by but once in a while one comes up that just isn’t possible to work with. They seem to be getting more distorted. They work good in theory but they do have their limitations. I can understand why they’re used but they do have an impact on accessability.