Apr 072008

Last we

ekend we visited Bushkill falls in northeastern Pennsylvania.  Our trip began on an ugly looking day in which it looked like it could rain at any minute.  It was a bit of a later start than I would have liked but that happens some times.  It’s only  about a 2½ hours drive from here.

When we arrived the sun came out and pretty much stayed out the whole time.  That’s something we haven’t seen a lot of this spring.  I’m pretty sure we saw all their falls and Molly got to practice with her camera too.

It really is amazing what nature and water can do.

Probably my favorite picture. This is the bottom of the main falls and the sun is that right angle to cause a rainbow in the spray. Also interesting in this area was the ice that was still on some of the stairs. I really am curious how thick that gets in the winter now.

I liked this one too. It’s another of the larger falls in the area and you could actually get pretty close to it.

I’m sure I’ll post more pictures later.