Jan 022010

December was a good month.. We had above average snow with the storms overdoing the original forecasts and plenty of cold air.  There is still some snow on the ground from the surprise 3-4 inches we received for New years.  Now we’re between an ocean storm off the new england  coast and high pressure over the northern plains states.

We’ll see what happens later in the week.

Jan 112009

The cold has been building in Alaska for a while now and it has mostly stayed where it is.  It looks like it will head straight down into the midwest and north east US..  We’ll probably get below zero here but the NWS isn’t forcasting that yet.  I imagine it’ll be pretty brutal just a bit north of here where there is snow cover on the ground and if it clears up at night.

I wonder if we’ll make a run at 1994’s numbers.. I still remember that well.  I was still in high school and lived with my parents in Bensalem and the temperature never made it above 10 the one day with the sun out.  I was also lucky enough to fall through ice and have about 5 blocks to walk home.  That year there was also not snow cover.

We’ll see what happens.

Feb 122008

Sunday ended up being very windy with temps dropping into the teens as soon as the sun set. We bottomed out around 10 here. Monday it only made it into the 20s and back down to 16 last night.

We had a little light snow this morning and then more snow will move into the area later and change to sleet and freezing rain then over to plain rain tonight. Once again it just seems like wasted cold. If we are not going to have snow with it I’d rather it just stayed warm so we didn’t have to pay for heat. It seems totally pointless with out snow. It just hasn’t been that good of a winter here but I expected that before winter even started.