Feb 202015

I love my android devices for the fact that I can take them anywhere but I feel
that accessibility is lacking.  Too many websites push apps on you but the app
will have tiny to microscopic text even on a tablet screen with no way to maybe
increase the text size.  It’s a real shame that no on seems to take this into
account.  They just care about pushing “pretty” apps that half the time don’t
work properly to begin with.  Another good option to include is a light and
dark theme.  Oh well.. It seems everything you can even buy anymore is form
over function anyways.

Feb 282011

Well I found yet another website for a local restaurant that is pretty much unusable to me and many others.             Usually if we’re planning on going someplace I haven’t been I like to look for them online ahead of time to look at their menu if they have a website.

For the place we’re going to be going I thought great I found their website.  For one thing it’s slow loading and that’s just annoying.

The real annoying thing is they have a link for their menu.  Well the menu is pictures of the menu.  Why go through the trouble have typing it out I guess.   The text is so small I can’t even read it using my magnifier. Sure I could down somehow zoom in but I shouldn’t have to do that.

It seems like these shitty sites always have a link to the designer’s website at the bottom.  I’d be embarrassed to admit I designed it.

Dec 312010

For Christmas I gave Molly and Apple iPod touch 32 GB (4th Generation).
I have always personally written apple stuff off for me because of the touch screen.  I just didn’t think it would work too well with my very poor vision.  As it would turn out My old beloved Creative labs Zen W seems to be dying a slow death so I thought I’d look at Molly’s IPod.

After looking up accessibility for it I saw that they had a way to make the text large and reverse contrast which is what suits my needs best.  As a matter of fact my computer screen is white (or at least light text on a dark background now and that of course is how I have my browser set up to display pages.

I found the screen very readable on the IPod although I didn’t play with it for long since it’s her gift and I’m sure she wanted to play with her new toy!  When My old Zen finally dies I believe I’ll have to look closely at the Ipod because it seemed as it it would work well for me.  The other thing is it just makes sense for us so we could just bring one cable when we go someplace since it would work in both devices.

I haven’t tried it but I have also read voice features too which sound like they’d be helpful to me.  I am thankful a company would take the time to at least try to address accessibility in a mainstream product.

I do hope they’ve made some changes with the iTunes software for windows though, last time I had to look at that it was almost impossible for me to read.  That was a few years ago though and I only use windows when I have to so I haven’t tried it since then.

I really like how thin the IPod is.  It seems like it would be perfect to take to the gym which we will be doing regularly again soon.  I was pretty impressed with it for my first impression.

Sep 112008

I had read about Google chrome and just had to try it out.  I would’ve tried it sooner but I kept forgetting to boot into windows.  I always like to try different things.  I first tried to use it under wine but that didn’t work out for me.  I’ll try again another time.

I was disappointed right from the beginning.  No menus?  No title bar?  That really takes away from the usability for me and just isn’t how I prefer things to be.  I only really tried it for five minutes or so and just wasn’t right for my needs.

With no title bar I guess it’s OK to make it look clean and all but it’s how I know which program the window belongs to. Imagine how confusing it could be if all of your program you have running would have a ui designed like this.  To some the lack of a title bar is a good thing because they just take up space for them.

No menu bar?  I really don’t like this at all.  I pretty much expect all programs to have a menu bar and know where to expect to find different options or features.  After a few wrong guesses I found out how to find preferences in order to find out if I can set my own back round colors and fonts for pages but I didn’t see that option.  That is what would really stop me from using it.

What I did notice is it loads very fast and is fast with opening the few sites I tried.  I will try it again in the future for sure.

No addons like Firefox has is a disadvantage for me too.  I’ve grown used to using and being able to find addons for just about anything I might want to do.

It’s certainly different than what I’m used.  It’s not really a bad thing but just doesn’t fit what I want.  I’ll stick with firefox.  It’s good to see something else out there.  Maybe it’ll help encourage  innovation.  The other thing is that Chrome is still a beta version.  Time will tell how it really turns out.

Jul 072008

The other day I stumbled on a website for a pizza place in our town while searching to see if they have a website with a menu.  I wanted to see if they had anything new.   I always enjoy their food.

What was really disappointing was to see that the whole site is just flash. except for a link to the designer’s website of course and what I see as a spammy area of text with keywords for search engine purposes.  I can’t help but think of the late 90’s when I see this site then cringe to think of it.

I would like to know what the purpose of doing this site in flash was.  I see no redeeming reason to do so.  The print is stuck in a tiny font that to me is not legible.  I can’t change the contrast so I can read it.  I can’t copy and paste the text into another program so I can read it.  The only way I can change the font is to zoom the whole page in firefox and I believe this would only work in firefox 3.

I think the dumbest thing about flash websites is say I want to book mark a page on the website I can’t.  For example on this pizza place’s website I cannot book mark the menu.  If I try to book mark it I can only get the main page then have to click through to find what I want all over again. But the image around the menu changes by it self…. wow

I guess the one thing good about it is it doesn’t have a stupid intro that takes longer that I’m willing to wait. It seems to last only while the flash loads.  If wanted to watch something I would watch tv or choose to watch something online.

The really annoying thing about this web site is doesn’t use the browser’s forward and back buttons. Instead of going back the way I expect I have to go to the menu and click through. If I did accidentally click the back button I would go back to a whole different page.

I hate flash websites. It’s not that I am against all flash sites.. it has it’s uses where it works well. I guess that what’s really important about this site is it looks pretty! Who needs usability if it looks pretty?

Jun 152007

I came across a website this morning that I just could not sign up for thanks to CAPTCHAs. It was not a site I needed but just wanted to sign up to check it out so it’s not really important. I know I’ve written about this before but it can’t hurt to mention it again.

The text in the picture was so distorted it was hard to read it. To top things off the picture had very poor contrast so it was hard to tell where the text ended and the background color began. Enlarging the image didn’t help like it sometimes does. I don’t like spam but it’s slightly annoying when CAPTCHAs keep legitimate users from signing up.

Most of the time when they use the graphic CAPTCHAs I can get by but once in a while one comes up that just isn’t possible to work with. They seem to be getting more distorted. They work good in theory but they do have their limitations. I can understand why they’re used but they do have an impact on accessability.

Apr 242007

Last Saturday I had to go to an ATM at a fairly new store. The screen on the thing was different the older ones. It seemed to be an LCD or something like that and had lots of glare. You had to look at it from just the right angle but with me not being able to seel very well I was too close or something. I had a hard time reading it which was pretty annoying. It’s disappointing when newer technology is harder to use. I’d rather have the old green text on a black background instead of pretty colors with less than great contrast on a type of screen that makes things worse.