We Went Back Conewago Potholes Since The River Is Lower

We have been meaning to return to Conewago falls potholes when the area isn’t loaded with people so we could really explore the area and relax a bit. The other thing about last time is how it was pretty hot out.

Today was a nice day so we decided to head over there. The river was a bit lower than last time per the Harrisburg gauge. When we got out there it was noticeably lower. It really was a nice sunny warm day for September though the sun seemed a bit weaker. I wonder if it’s in anyway effected by the smoke from the western wildfires. It was really nice and relaxing to just find a flat rock and lay back and take nature in today. Much over due.

A picture of water near one of the rocks in the river

Today it was warm but not hot and we had the rocks pretty much to ourselves. There was no human company in the area except for a boat or two out on the river. Our only company was several great egrets and lots of butterflies. This one was right out on the rocks in the water when we first arrived for a few minutes until it flew away.

Great egret  stepping into the water.

We then started working our way out onto the rocks that are covered during higher water. The dried sand made for it to be somewhat slippery at times. We were looking out over the river when I heard a bird behind me. I turned around and saw an egret standing on the rocks not too far from us. It was just standing there with its head down then I noticed it was standing on one foot and got this picture of it. Pretty cool to catch it.

Here is a picture of a great egret standing on one leg on one of the rocks. Maybe scratching it’s neck with it’s foot?

We stretched out in the sun on the rocks enjoying the nice cool refreshing breeze after this past summer was so humid. The only thing annoying about this day was the traffic nice from river road but people need to go places.

There were lots of white flowers and we kept seeing monarchs visiting them flowers. At one point there were 4 of them. I’m wondering if they aren’t in the process of migrating south. From what I understand then tend to follow water when they migrate. It was great to keep seeing them since we really didn’t see many at our house this year. Also saw a swallowtail and some yellow butterflies of some type.

We ended up not going out for a walk on the trail to find caches since we spent too much time here but it’s not always about the caches. Have I mentioned a geocache is what actually brought us to this location in the first place? Life is short. You really have to enjoy what nature gives you when you can. Today it was the oddly faded sun and being out near the water.