I Guess We Will See Monarch Eggs Soon

We spotted a monarch butterfly today hanging out the rose bush that’s next to the milkweed. It didn’t seem to be bothering with the milkweed which seemed odd. I would keep flying up and circling then landing back on the rose.

I went out to get a closer look at it and see if I couldn’t get it’s picture. It took a few tries since it seemingly didn’t want to sit still. The sun didn’t help matters for me to try to get my phone to focus on it as I couldn’t really see the screen nor could I see the butterfly all that well.

Finally I got the camera on it and it was staying still long enough. Something looked odd about it but I couldn’t tell what outside in the bright sunlight.

This is a picture showing a  male and female monarch butterfly on pink swamp milkweed flower

Once I brought my phone inside where it wasn’t blindingly bright I could see the pictures I got. I realized then what looked odd about it. It was a male on a female. That explains why it kept circling but not landing on the milkweed flowers. It was the male waiting for a female.

Hopefully this means we’ll soon have caterpillars. We’ve noticed small notches in some of the leaves and ends eaten off but have not as of yet spotted any caterpillars.