More Flowers Blooming Across The Street

We were walking out the door to the car and I thought I smelled flowers. I want to think honey suckles bit I didn’t see any where they typically grow. I could have sworn that’s what I was smelling but didn’t notice them. They could have been hidden in the shadows. My nose is also still a bit stuffy so it could be messing with my olfactory sense. It’s also under a constant state of irritation these days between the fire pit smoke and chain smoking next door neighbors.

While I was over there several white butterflies were flying around the flowers and along the brush line. There was also a bird unhappily yelling at me. I guess there must be a nest in the brush some place. I looked for it but didn’t see anything. The sun is super bright and shadows are super dark this evening and I didn’t want to spend to much time there disturbing the bird since it was there first.

I did notice some small daisies This picture shows some sort of daisies blooming at the curb.  The flowers have white petals with a yellow center.

Some kind of small purple flowers. They’re maybe almost more bluish than purple. I’ve seen them before but don’t know what they’re called. A photo of Some kind of small purple flowers. The petals are more of a blueish purple while the center is a bit lighter.

There’s also these clusters of small white flowers. This photo has some sort of small white flowers.  They have white petals with green centers.

I like seeing the wild and semi wild flowers that grow in the empty lot. There’s typically something in bloom all summer long. Since I enjoy it I thought I’d post some pictures and maybe someone else might get some enjoyment out of them.