Our Pink Swamp Milkweed Is Coming Up

Our pink swamp milkweed that we finally picked up last summer seems to be coming up again. We thought the original white one we got was the pink one but it was apparently mislabeled. It sucked that it wasn’t the one we got but the butterflies loved in none the less.

We weren’t sure it was even going to come back up considering we didn’t buy it and plant it until August and the monarchs found it immediately. I did manage to get some seeds from it but they haven’t grown yet.

I am not one hundred percent sure this is the milkweed and not some sort of weed but it’s in the right spot and looks similar. The old stump is even still right there from last year. We’ll know for sure in a few weeks but we’re hoping it is the milkweed!

This is a picture of swamp milkweed sprouting out of the ground in the spring