I Wish I Still Had My Old Game Systems

I make it no big secret that I tend to enjoy older video games a bit more than newer ones. To me they tended to be a little more fun to play. They were less focused on graphics than current ones but that’s because the technology wasn’t there back then. Visually the less realistic graphics tended to be better for my eyes. There was better contrast but I am in the small minority there. How many other visually impaired individuals play video games?

I did enjoy many of the Wii games I got. I didn’t enjoy the gimmicky use of the remote on some of them. There were times it made sense but other times it didn’t. I really got annoyed with having to use it to point at things. With my low vision I had to sit quite close to the TV to see the screen to play the games but I had to be far away to point. That meant I had to stand back and use my monocular to see a small part of the screen and try to find the pointer and coordinate moving it to where I wanted to point it. Generally it was a huge exercise in frustration.

For years I’ve had my old game systems stored in boxes in the garage. They were just in storage but I kept them in case I ever wanted to play them again. I’ve thought about hooking them up a few times but never really did.

Early 2010s we were having some work done and they were still in the garage, The box top was opened so it’s not like he had to search. The box just sat in the way along with a few other things and he moved it. He mentioned seeing it and that his four kids would really enjoy them. He’s a sing dad and all that bullshit. He asked how much we wanted for it if we were willing to sell it.

I thought about it and was pretty hesitant because I believed he’s an addict but I decided it’s worth the the chance it might bring some enjoyment to kids that don’t have games. I remember being given lots of things growing up as we were pretty poor and truly appreciated the chances to have stuff that we couldn’t buy.

The next day, the very next day he came in as they were finishing the repairs and literally bragged about how much he sold it for. I said nothing but I remember thinking lesson learned. You’re an asshole. After this job is done he will not step foot on our property.

I had my old Nintendo 64 in a different box in the attic so that was still here. Someone from online who seemed like a decent person at the time had a son that was into older games and was looking to buy a Nintendo 64 for him. I sent my Nintendo 64 for someone from mafia wars since his son was into older video games. He wanted to pay me for it but me being me I wanted nothing for once again and explained him why. He begrudgingly accepted it for free.

Although I turned into the typical deep red state trumpster I am glad I gave it to him. I think his son truly appreciated it unlike the other go who sold it for what I have no doubt it my mind was drug money.