Conoy White Cliffs

Continuing with the uploading some old pictures that I found..

I had stumbled on a web page or something about this area years ago but it didn’t seem like there was a legal way to access it back then. Fast forward to now after lots of work they have built the Northwest Lancaster River trail.

The trail is a true asset to the area and it is great to see it get so much use. Almost too much use really but there are some cool areas along it from the furnaces down near Chickies to the many views along the river to some other odd things like the white cliffs here.

It was an enjoyable couple of mile walk along the trail which is paved. I’d be fine if it wasn’t paved but it’s cool that you see people riding bikes and pushing strollers and such too.

Once we got to area all you saw was the bright white ground. I found it difficult to walk through out the area because I knew there were rocks and stuff but no contrast so I could see them. Tripped a few times.

The cliffs sadly aren’t natural though they are neat to see. They’re basically industrial waste from an old limestone quarry just across the trail. I think they do or at least used to do scuba diving there.

This is a picture of the white cliffs of Conoy.  It is bright white limestone from and old quarry. it almost appears to be snow.

Honestly this picture does it no justice. It was as bright as snow. Really odd to see. Sort of reminds me but in the opposite way of the black dirt up the mountains. I want to look at it from the bottom next time. We just didn’t get down there this t rip but no doubt we’ll be out on that section of trail again someday. Hopefully they change the orange fencing to something else too someday. Ideally there would be none there but people have lost the ability to be responsible for themselves.