Guinea Pigs - Peppy

Peppy was our weird piggie

Peppy was our weird piggie

This is a picture of our guinea pig named Peppy. She had a black face with a white stripe down to her nose like a skunk, hence the name. Her body was mostly white with a black ass. In the picture she is in a flipped upside down purple pigloo

Peppy is just weird. She got her name because she looks a bit like a skunk and also just the way she’s always moving her head around. She’s very alert and can’t seem to sit still. She’ll be looking one direction then jerk her head the other way for a few seconds then do the same thing again and again.

When she’s in her cage she is almost always in her pigloo. She usually moves it around while she’s inside to go where she wants to go. One in a while you’ll see her struggle to get it on top of the part of the water bottle she drinks from so that she can drink without coming out side. It’s not unusual to find the food dish in there with her. She lifts up the igloo and then pulls the food in.

Peppy drinking water

Peppy druinking water our weird piggie

Peppy almost always took the food dish in her igloo by lifting it up then drug everything to the water. We called it her turtle shell

She liked to be held but couldn’t sit still for 30 seconds. If Molly was holding her she’d climb up on her shoulder to nibble her ear. If she put her hood over here ear she’d get pissed off and go back and forth between ears and trying to push the hood out of the way.

She was actually tall and pretty skinny compared to the other ones. It was really noticeable when she had a bath which wasn’t to often but occasionally they needed one. Her long fluffy fur would be flattened against her body