Guinea Pigs - Blackie


This picture contains parts of all four guinea pigs.  Cuddles is on the top with her thick stiff fur that stood up.  Peppy is partially in the picture with her black and white fur.  Teddy is the tan and brown one and Blackie is the one with long black fur mounting teddy.

One time when we were at the vet getting Snuggles checked out they mentioned someone had baby guinea pigs the needed to get rid of and they thought we might be interested. We thought ours could use another companion so we went to the woman’s house to check them out. We ended up bring Blackie home.

She was another one that liked being held. She didn’t seem to be afraid of much.

She was the smallest we had by far. She never got nearly as big or as fat as the other but she also seemed to be the healthiest too. Her fur was thick, and shiny and always smooth.

She was always horny. Always mounting the other ones that were twice her size and pissing them off. You’d hear random rumbling n when they chased her away.