Legally Blind Driver

Wednesday, Mar 28, 2007
A Driver who is legally blind (yes a legally blind driver) entered a pleaded guilty to homicide by vehicle. He ran over a Penn State professor who was riding a bike. Anyways what the hell was this guy doing driving? I don’t know what how it effected him but Fry’s eye doctor said his left eye had 20/200 vision and with the other eye he could just count fingers and that eye was 3/200.

Man Steals 1500 Pairs of Women's Underwear

Wednesday, Mar 28, 2007
Police: Man swiped 1,500 women’s undies This guy stole all this women’s underwear from apartment complex laundry rooms. He had it at his house. The police said it they got 5 garbage bags full and 94 pounds of it. The good thing is the guy admits he has a problem. It’s surprising he got away with it so much.

Three Mile Island Meltdown 27 Years Ago Today

Wednesday, Mar 28, 2007
Today is the 27th anniversary of the accident at Three Mile island. For some strange reason I can remember them talking about it on the news even though I was only 4 and still lived in the Philly area. I didn’t understand it but I remember hearing them talk about it. I’ve always been interested in what happened and have read about it a bit on the web. Sometimes I wonder what the area would look like if the radiation had escaped and effected the area.

Two People Were Killed At The Same Spot

Tuesday, Mar 27, 2007
I saw this today and thought it was pretty unusual. I can’t remember ever hearing of two people being killed at the same spot at separate times before. It happened in Rhode Island The first teen supposedly had been drinking then took his mom’s mini van and left. He was only 14. Its pretty bad he was that young and drinking and managed to take his mom’s car but that’s not really important.

Home Owners Association Says No Guns

Thursday, Mar 22, 2007
Community Suggests Gun Possession Is Illegal For Residents I just saw this and thought it was pretty interesting and bullshit at the same time. It seems this Home owners association thought they should not allow residents to have guns on their property. This is a good example of why I’d never want to have to deal with one of these HOA. I really wouldn’t want someone else telling me what I can and cannot do on my own property.

Snow Geese At Middle Creek

Thursday, Mar 15, 2007
Molly has been wanting to use her camera and I remembered hearing about the snow geese at Middle Creek on the news the night before so I asked her if she wanted to go check it out. There just happened to be a new cache on the way so we got a FTF on the way. The game commission estimates 180,000 of them have been there. I’ve never seen so many birds on one place.

Trying Out FreeBSD

Thursday, Mar 15, 2007
I’ve had no updates in a bout a week because I’ve been busy installing and setting up DesktopBSD which is based on FreeBSD. I’ve also been reading through the FreeBSD handbook. The best FreeBSD handbook is the best documentation for an operating system I’ve ever read. I like this operating system. I’ve only used windows once this week and that was to check out something that was flash which is no big deal.

Making Snow On Mount Washington

Wednesday, Mar 7, 2007
I saw this posted on a board. I thought it was a neat experiment so I had to post about it here. On Mount Washington in New Hampshire they took boiling water and it immediately turned into snow. At the time they did this it was -34° Fahrenheit Their wind chills were between -80 and -100. Mount Washington is one of those places I really want to visit someday. I also enjoy checking out their extreme weather.

Snow In March Is Always Good

Wednesday, Mar 7, 2007
This strange winter is continuing. It started out as the winter that seemed like it would never get cold. This continued until late January when we got our first Arctic blast. We stayed well below normal for most of February then it warmed up for a few days. Once more we are in the Arctic air. It’s not to shabby for being march either. It stayed in the 20s today after a low in the teens last night.

Switching To Linux

Tuesday, Mar 6, 2007
I’ve always wanted to switch to Linux but in the past it just hasn’t worked for me. I’d installed Linux twice before but it just didn’t stick for me. Last time I had installed it my hard drive started giving smart errors and then started loosing windows files randomly. We sent that drive back to get it replaced but in the mean time we bought a smaller cheaper drive to put in my computer until the 180 gig one came back.