My Thoughts Garmin 60csx

Thursday, Feb 8, 2007
I know it’s not exactly new anymore but I thought I’d post my thoughts on it. I picked one up last August after my old Magellan Meridian Color was wearing out. After falling on some rocks near the Appalachian trail on NJ in a down pour the screen fogged up. I figured it was time for a new one. Molly needed a GPS because her etrex legend was falling apart and I decided it would be easier if we had the same ones.

She Took The Wrong Car

Thursday, Feb 8, 2007
No Charges Filed After Accidental Car Theft Oops.. A woman accidentally stole a car in Ohio. She used her daughter’s key in a car that wasn’t hers. She must have been embarrassed. This is something I’d do. I actually did try to get into the wrong car in a parking lot more than once. Molly’s car is black. Their are a lot of black cars out there.

OZZFEST Free This Year

Wednesday, Feb 7, 2007
Ozzfest will be free this year according to what I read. I still wouldn’t go to see Ozzy anymore. I would have loved to have seen him about 10 years ago. Besides it would just be giving Sharon more money. Hopefully the fact that it’s free is a sign that the whole ozzfest thing is failing and dying. . I’m sure they’ll have more mallcore shit that will suck more than anything has sucked in the past.

More Wasted Cold

Tuesday, Feb 6, 2007
There’s finally arctic air in place and it’s been plenty cold but of course there’s no snow. I was hoping we’d have a chance to hit zero but didn’t quite get low enough. had a low of around six last night and Sunday night. At least the cold has been refreshing. A new cache popped up around Cornwall so we got to go for a nice short hike. There was a inch or two of snow on the ground there too.

Geocaching In The News

Monday, Feb 5, 2007
These days, any package can raise alarm This is unusual. A cache was discovered there was no overreaction. They even put the cache back in its hiding spot and probably did a better job at it than some cachers do. Over all I think it was a pretty positive article considering some of the others out there.

Roadside Trash

Sunday, Feb 4, 2007
We took part in an adopt a highway today for the York county geocaching society. Makes me wonder why we even have to to this.. I mean why do people need to just throw trash along the side of the road. We found a propane tank and a pretty big truck tire among other things one doesn’t just fall out with out you noticing. There were some other bigger things but I don’t remember what they are.

No Snow Again

Friday, Feb 2, 2007
Pretty much as I expected all week the snow we were forecast to get last night never got here. It’s been the way this winter has gone and probably will continue this way. I’m sure back in Philly the TV news hyped it all along. I can’t imagine they got much of anything either. I’m sure the people who ran to the store to buy milk and bread are pretty pissed.

Sex Crazy?

Wednesday, Jan 31, 2007
Sex Crazy? A church in North Carolina has that on a sign for some series they’ll have to deal with sex in today’s culture. This isn’t something you see too often.

Mannequin Fetish?

Tuesday, Jan 30, 2007
Man With Mannequin Fetish Sent to Prison I just came across this. I had to say post it.. It’s funny but kind of pathetic in a way that someone would have a sexual fetish for mannequins. Even worse is when he breaks into stores and steals them.