Church Can Not Save You

Wednesday, Nov 8, 2006
I just thought it was a bit interesting when I read about this. A woman died in Kentucky after being bit by a snake at a church. Apparently at her church they handle snakes which is illegal in Kentucky.

Website Accessibility

Tuesday, Nov 7, 2006
The website for Burger King ( has to be the worst site I’ve come across in a long time in terms of usability. I have to wonder why they built it completely out of flash, unless there’s something I missed. Molly thought it was a pain to use her self and her vision is fine. She was trying to find nutritional information. I asked her to see if she could find a text only version but she didn’t see any info about one either.

Where Not To Point Your BB Gun

Sunday, Nov 5, 2006
According to teen points bb gun at wrong car a teenager thought it was fun to be pointing his BB gun at cars to scare people. I have to wonder if he shit his pants when two people inside pulled their real guns. It would’ve been funny to see his reaction to that and when he found out they were undercover police. Maybe next time he’ll think twice before doing something so stupid to try to be scare people.

Will Marbles Blend?

Sunday, Nov 5, 2006
It looks like they will in this thing. I’d like to have one to try to blend stuff. See it at will it blend?

CAPTCHAs Stop The Blind

Thursday, Nov 2, 2006
I’ve been seeing sites that use CAPTCHAs that are a series of letters or numbers in an image to log into a site or do other things online. Being visually impaired these make it harder for me to do what I’m trying to do. There have been a few that even enlarging the image didn’t help me be able to read it. Some of them have such poor contrast or are so distorted there’s no way I could read it.

Storm Damage

Monday, Oct 30, 2006
I just found out from my mom that a tree fell on my parents' house in the wind yesterday. It was part of a big tree from the neighbors yard. When we visited in September I looked at the same tree and though that it looked like it wasn’t going to last too long. She said it put a hole in her roof and cracked a wall. She’s waiting for the insurance company to call now.

Get Paid To Trespass

Sunday, Oct 29, 2006
A federal jury in Philadelphia awarded $24 million million to two people who were burned by electric wires when the climbed on top of a parked train car.┬áThe jury said it could have been prevented if there were signs warning about the wires. I just think something’s not quite right of someone can climb on top on top of a parked train and not realize they’re doing something stupid before they get shocked.


Friday, Oct 27, 2006
Today it has been looking like it’s going to snow all day. It feels like it too. It should be a fun day tomorrow to watch the storm strengthen and move away. We’re under a high wind watch for winds gusting up to 50mph tomorrow night. Maybe that will be enough to make a large branch fall from the tree in our back yard. That was broken during a thunderstorm last summer.

Governor Dick

Thursday, Oct 26, 2006
Yesterday we did a short hike to do cache maintenance at Governor Dick which is near Mount Gretna PA. It felt great to get some fresh air. It’s not that long But it’s a nice walk in the woods. I really wanted to go up in the tower to see the colors of the leaves but they’re mostly off the trees and I’d completely forgotten about it until we were back down the hill.

Monday, Jan 1, 0001
author: Carl categories: weather date: “2007-06-14” description: Thunderstorms moved in from the northeast instead of some westward direction like they usually do keywords: weather, thunderstorms tags: thunderstorms weather title: Thunderstorms Moved In From The Northeast This has been an interesting week in weather. Maybe even a bit unusual. Tuesday and Wednesday we had thunderstorms in the area. They were moving from northeast to southwest. Don’t really see that all that often.