Aug 022011

Back a couple of years ago I started getting interest in baseball again.  Now I am really enjoying it probably more than I did as a kid.  The games seem to go much faster with less screwing around between pitches.  It also helps that the Phillies are doing extremely well and one can never write off a game when they’re behind.

Oct 162008

While I have not watched nearly as much as I did when I was in high school and middle school I still like it.  The biggest thing stopping me from watching it now is I couldn’t find the  Phillies on TV until the playoffs.  Been trying to watch them and have  enjoyed it.  It’s a bonus that the Phils have won and will be going to the world series.  I like their team.  I had to   keep switching back and forth between that and the presidential debate last night.

Looking forward to watching the world series.

Jul 172007

I haven’t paid much attention to baseball even though I have become interested in it again for the first time since the strike in the 1990’s The main reason is because I don’t know what channel the Phillies are on with our cable channels. Just last week Molly was surfing and I saw them while she left the room with that channel on. I noticed they don’t take as long between pitches now as they used to which would make it more enjoyable to watch.

Anyways it was interesting to here that the Phillies have lost their 10,000th game. It actually surprised me that they were the first professional sports team to loos that many games because baseball has been around for so long and they have so many games in a season.

Of course it’s only fitting for a Philly team to get there first. Philadelphia teams find a way to loose.

Feb 212007

Teen ‘sport killings’ of homeless on the rise

It supposedly started off as a game. The started throwing sticks and leaves at a homeless man after having a couple of beers with him. Then they started punching and kicking the homeless man. They also threw rocks and bricks at him and pounded him with a pipe and baseball bat. After that one of them smeared his own shit on the man’s face and cut him with a knife to see if he’s dead…

The part that disturbs me is that one of them said it reminded him of playing a violent video game. The only problem is he doesn’t have a very good grip on reality. Video games are not real. Killing some one is. You shouldn’t be killing anyone. But then again you shouldn’t be smoking pot or drinking when your 15 16 or 17 like they were. I’m sure this will help the people

I would imagine that the blame will try to be shifted by some onto the video games and the alcohol.  Anyone can see that they are just assholes and maybe now they’ll learn not to be one. I wonder if it would have reminded them of a video game if the homeless guy had fought back and injured or killed one of them.  At least the teens didn’t get away with it.

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Jan 142007

Well the Eagles lost last night to New Orleans. It didn’t surprise me at all because Philly teams always loose in the playoffs. It was a fun surprise to even see the Eagles make it to the playoffs this year because a few games ago I didn’t expect them to even make it in.

The game was close so it was alot of fun to watch. I was surprised to see them punt when they wouldn’t get the ball back. Maybe we’ll have better luck next year.

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