Nov 252008

Last a meteor came down over Canada and lit up the skies ad it burned up. I wish I could witness one some day.

Anyways they’re estimating it weighed between one and ten tons and was from the size of a chair to the size of a desk. It broke p and the believe pieces landed over Alberta and Saskatchewan. It will be interesting if they find any of the pieces that reached the ground.

May 262008

This news is something I really wish there was more of.  The Phoenix Mars lander has successfully landed and already sent back some pictures.  It’s really great that they had another lander on Mars in a different area.  I am looking forward to the new discoveries it brings to us.

I think it’s really important to explore the universe and work on finding other places where we could survive.  I think it’s important to the long turn survival of humans because there is too many things that could happen here on Earth to make us extinct.

It is also really interesting to think about the possibility of other forms of life out there.  I really believe that life is out there and at least simple life is probably pretty common.  I can’t imagine that our little spot in the vast universe is the only one where things came together just right to cause self replicating molecules that eventually became complex enough to be life.  i feel we narrow our searches too much but I understand you do have to start some place.  I makes me wonder what we miss when you look at the extremophiles here on Earth that live in places that it was thought that lfie could not exist.

Mars seems to have a lot of the ingredients that would be necesarry for life to have existed.  If it did ever exist I would really hope that in my lifetime It is understood why it isn’t there now. What could have happened to change things?

What could have happened to change things?  If life exists now It would be really interesting to understand what it has done to adapt to a harsh environment.  What makes it tick?  Were conditions on Mars always the same or did they change and if they changed what made them change?

I can’t help but have the feeling that there were be some amazing discoveries in science during my lifetime.  Science is amazing. I had always loved it as a kid and now I am rediscovering my interest in it.  I really wish I would have pursued it more in school but the experience I did have with anything science related in school was pretty pathetic.

Mar 272008

Cassini Tastes Organic Material at Saturn’s Geyser Moon I saw some pretty exciting news from NASA.  Cassini, the space craft out near Saturn detected higher temperatures than expected on Saturn’s moon Enceladus.

Cassini flew through a geyser like eruption and sensed water vapor and organic materials.  I thought this was pretty amazing news.

I only wish we had more space probes out there exploring

Mar 222008

Stellar Explosion Is Most Distant Object Visible to Naked Eye

Nature and the universe never cease to amaze me.

Yesterday morning a a gamma ray burst was observed that was so bright it would have been visible to the naked eye.  It became the furthest away object to be visible with the naked eye for a short while and set a record.

Scientists estimated it was 7.5 billion light years away.

Gamma ray burst are the brightest explosions in the universe since the big bang.  They are caused when a when massive stars use up their fuel and collapse into a black hole or a neutron star.

Feb 212008

Yesterday gave two very nice surprises.   First one was the clipper left us more than an inch of very fluffy snow acumulation.  It just kept snowing with nothing showing on radar anywhere near us.  My guess would have to be the precipitation was below the radar beam.

Last night about 9pm we decided to run to the store to pick something up and the moon was out.  It had cleared up in time for the lunar eclipse!  I spent about an hour watching it outside where It was pretty cold for that.  It was awesome to watch it since I haven’t done that before.  Int the past I had always forgotten the time.

Feb 192008

Tomorrow night will be the first total lunar eclipse of the year over North America.  The next one will not be until December 2010.  Naturally it will probably be cloudy here.  I will definitely keep checking outside but I don’t expect to see it.

A lunar eclipse is when the moon moves into the Earth’s shadow.  Once the moon is fully in the Earth’s shadow it turns red due to the atmosphere of the Earth.

Feb 142008

Titan’s surface organics surpass oil reserves on Earth

I just saw this on Slashdot and thought this was really interesting.  They say that the lakes and dunes on Titan are hydrocarbons and that it actually contains hundreds of times the amount of hydrocarbons known to exist in the reserves on Earth..  Actually I find all of the gas giants interesting.  They have so many moons and they have such different properties.  Titan also contains water ice.

I would love to see these moons explored.  Titan seems very interesting with it’s water ice.  Also the atmosphere with clouds made from methane and ethane and it rains liquid ethane.  Actually it is the only moon in the solar system known to have a dense atmosphere.

It seems like a good place to look for other life forms.

Titan is the second largest moon in the solar system and is 50% larger than the Earth’s moon.  It’s larger than Mercury.

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