Sep 112008

I had read about Google chrome and just had to try it out.  I would’ve tried it sooner but I kept forgetting to boot into windows.  I always like to try different things.  I first tried to use it under wine but that didn’t work out for me.  I’ll try again another time.

I was disappointed right from the beginning.  No menus?  No title bar?  That really takes away from the usability for me and just isn’t how I prefer things to be.  I only really tried it for five minutes or so and just wasn’t right for my needs.

With no title bar I guess it’s OK to make it look clean and all but it’s how I know which program the window belongs to. Imagine how confusing it could be if all of your program you have running would have a ui designed like this.  To some the lack of a title bar is a good thing because they just take up space for them.

No menu bar?  I really don’t like this at all.  I pretty much expect all programs to have a menu bar and know where to expect to find different options or features.  After a few wrong guesses I found out how to find preferences in order to find out if I can set my own back round colors and fonts for pages but I didn’t see that option.  That is what would really stop me from using it.

What I did notice is it loads very fast and is fast with opening the few sites I tried.  I will try it again in the future for sure.

No addons like Firefox has is a disadvantage for me too.  I’ve grown used to using and being able to find addons for just about anything I might want to do.

It’s certainly different than what I’m used.  It’s not really a bad thing but just doesn’t fit what I want.  I’ll stick with firefox.  It’s good to see something else out there.  Maybe it’ll help encourage  innovation.  The other thing is that Chrome is still a beta version.  Time will tell how it really turns out.

Jul 132007

Molly gave me a Creative Zen Vision W for my birthday this year. I am impressed with how well I can see the screen. It’s bright even at 50% back light and has good contrast. That’s important to me because with my old player I could hardly see it with it’s pretty bad contrast. The screen is huge too.

I have the 60 GB version which I would’ve preffered anyways. I’ve put everything on there and still have over 10 GB to spare.

It sounds good to me too. I am picky about sounds. I wish it would play lossless compressed audio but I guess I can’t have everything. It’s just nice to be able to have all of our cds on there since finding the one I’d want by going through about 800 can be difficult for me. It’s just so nice to have them all organized and ready for me to listen to easily.

It plays movies. I don’t really have a use for that right now but it’s nice to know I can use it if I want to later. It will also display photos which is nice for me. With the pretty big screen I can see them well and zoom and with the bright back light I can see them very well.

The Zen W uses real buttons! Not a touch pad or anything like that so I can easily know what I am doing with out struggling to try to see what I am pressing. I hate how most things aren’t easy to use anymore. That’s one annoying trend that I wish would stop dead.

It’s pretty big but that doesn’t really affect me. I’ll be using it mostly at home just because it’s more convenient for me to listen to music but at the same time it’s small and portable enough that I can take it with me if I want. Molly didn’t even know it but this was the one I had picked for when I decided to get a new one.

I am looking forward to having the freedom to listen to the music I want to listen to with out the inconvenience of having to have the computer running or having to try to find the CD that I want and risk scratching them up.

One thing I am kinda disappointed with is that it needs windows to connect to the computer but I can understand why they’d do that. It would be nice if it could easily be accessed just as a removable hard drive but for as often as I’d connect it to the computer it’s not really a big deal. I do have windows and need it for the gps too.

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Feb 082007

I know it’s not exactly new anymore but I thought I’d post my thoughts on it. I picked one up last August after my old Magellan Meridian Color was wearing out. After falling on some rocks near the Appalachian trail on NJ in a down pour the screen fogged up. I figured it was time for a new one. Molly needed a GPS because her etrex legend was falling apart and I decided it would be easier if we had the same ones. When I first picked up the 60csx it felt to me like it was built well and wouldn’t break easily.

We are both very happy with the pair 60csx units we have. They get a lock pretty quick. They even get a satellite lock in the house most of the time. As a matter of fact I have 31 foot accuracy right now as I’m sitting here in the house typing this. I’ve been impressed how it’s kept a good accuracy even where my old Magellan lost sats. The Sirf Star III chip seems to have great reception It’s almost always led us right to the cache of course that depends on the hider’s coordinates.

What made me want this GPS was the screen. For me it was very readable and bright. I can use the light text on a dark background theme which is what I normally use. I can just see it better. All of the screens are easy for me to see in this setting. You can even have the map screen use this contrast. I don’t know why more gadgets don’t offer this option.

On my old Magellan I noticed quite a bit of lag while waiting for the map screen to draw or switching screens. That doesn’t seem to happen at all on the 60csx. The only lag I notice is on the altimeter screen and that is just for a second or two.

The expandable memory was very important to me and is what stopped me from really considering the 60cs for myself. That may not be where the park entrance is. With the 1GB card we are able to fit everything from City Navigator 8 and the topo software east of the Mississippi on one card.

We have both City Navigator 8 and topo maps installed on our GPS. The auto routing has been excellent. It has been perfect for us as long as we had reasonable expectations. What I mean is that it’s only going to get you as close as possible by road. The auto routing has cut down on the planning of where we’d like to cache. When I did all the routing at home nothing would go according to plans so it was just a big waste of paper.

My only problems with it are if you drop it the microSD card can become loose but if that’s all that happens when it gets dropped I’ll be happy. The other thing was the unit would reboot on the altimeter screen once in a while. That hasn’t seemed to happen since the released newer firmware.