Jan 152009

Woman blames Dell for missing online classes

I saw this online somewhere and just wanted to say that I am really surprised we don’t see it happen more often now that Dell sells Ubuntu computers.

The woman in the article ordered a dell laptop with Ubuntu installed for the operating system and when she got it she couldn’t use it because she needed windows to set up her Verizon internet.  I could probably find a way around that and she probably could have too but didn’t.  At least Verizon is helping her with that.

It seems to me that she bought the linux computer with out knowing what she was buying and I assume that it was clearly stated that the computer didn’t come with windows.  If so then too bad for her.  She could always have bought her own copy of windows and installed it herself or had it installed.

For some reason computers bring out the dumb in people.  So many people just find it easy to say it doesn’t work than learn or figure out problems on their own.  I always thought this could be a problem with dell selling linux computers but it hasn’t been as much of one as I expected.

Dec 272008

Wow… I don’t know if it woke me up or I was awake but I heard a deep rumbling and thought that sounds  like an earthquake.  Well I got up and went on the computer and checked Millersville’s real time seismic data.. Something showed up.. So maybe it wasn’t my imagination.  Checked  USGS’s earthquake site and they showed a confirmed 3.3 earthquake just north of Mountville,pa  Pretty cool!

Here’s info for USGS’s site – Magnitude 3.4 – PENNSYLVANIA


Aug 152008

Yesterday afternoon and evening there was a fire in Conshohocken that went to 8 alarms according to the news. It has displaced over 300 people the news said earlier.

It started in a 5 story building that was under construction. It seems like it quickly spread through the entire building and then the radiant heat caused it to spread to more buildings. The one video I saw of it just looked totally insane.

My question is how could brand new apartment buildings burn so quickly? I would think they would have done things to slow down the speed of the fire spreading. I just couldn’t believe they built such large buildings out of wood. This could have been really bad if people would have been sleeping when the fire started.

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May 062008

What is it with people in Lancaster county and being really stupid around railroad equipment?  I heard this on the news last night and thought it couldn’t be true but the newspaper’s website said it is.

They said they believe he climbed a metal tower and was trying to cut the copper to steal it.  Didn’t he have enough common sense to realize that the wires are up so high for a reason?  He was electrocuted and pronounced dead at the scene.

I think this guy should win a Darwin Award for sure.  Sad thing is his family could probably sue and win because there wasn’t a sign on the pole telling him not to climb it and try to steal the live wires while trespassing.

Feb 262008

Just thought this was an interesting event.  CNN had reports of four million with out power then the power company said 800 thousand.  Either way it reminded me of the blackout in the summer a few years ago that occurred in the Northeast.

Having electricity is one of those things we take for granted but there may come a time when it’s not there.  People don’t think of the other effects of an outage besides their lights going out.  It seems to have messed with cell phone service in Florida.  They also mentioned it stopping train service.

It seems like the power grid system works but could be a bit fragile but it is built to protect it self. The sad things is many Americans assumed it was an evil terrorist that caused it.

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Feb 052008

A bill was introduced in Mississippi to ban obese people from restaurants.  I can’t imagine this would pass.  It seems too much like discrimination to me.  Some people are overweight due to health problems they can’t control and it just seems unfair to not let them enjoy dining out.  I don’t feel the state has the right to tell people where they can eat or tell the establishment that they can’t serve those people and lose the money.

Jul 202007

Teen Girls Accused Of Setting Kitten Ablaze

What the hell is it with people who burn or otherwise torture animals? The worst part is when they think it’s funny. It’s not funny to set a kitten on fire. What would be funny is if these dumb asses burned each other then that would be more fair.

I hope they get the maximum sentence because I hate cruelty to animals. These girls can burn in hell.

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Jul 122007

Scientists Find Water on Extra-solar Planet

This was pretty interesting. it really doesn’t surprise me at all since Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe and Oxygen is the third most abundant element. Pretty cool that they found signs of water outside of the solar system.

It’s things like this that make me really believe there is other life in the universe besides Earth. I’d be surprised if there were forms of life on Earth that we never thought were possible. After all there are forms of life that live in the bottom of the ocean where there is no sunlight. There are microbes that live in the core of nuclear reactors. All of these are places where life was thought to not be able to exist.

I hope to be alive still when life is discovered on other planets. I’d love to see some peoples reactions when we find out we’re really not that special. I wonder what the religious types would think.

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Jun 212007

I over heard President Bush on the tv this morning. I sorta. I heard him talk about embryonic stem cell research. I’m not at all surprised he vetoed the bill that would allow research.

I had to sort of laugh to my self when I heard him say something about moral values. I am not sure he even knows what that means considering some of his ideas.

It’s sad to know that he’s unwilling to do something that has the potential to help so many people.

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May 102007

Double lives

There was an article in the Sunday paper about Long’s Park in Lancaster. It was funny in that it mentioned “pickle parks” and men backing into parking spots.

I really have no problem with gay men picking up other gay men even in parks but I don’t think it’s quite right for them to do it in a park, especially one like this park where people bring their kids to play. They’re likely not threats to the kids but parents don’t know that and I wouldn’t blame them for being nervous to see a strange man sitting in his car alone near a playground.

That sort of thing probably helps give being gay a bad name to some people. I think they really get a bad name when other things happen like sex and that sort of thing happen in the park. Some of the bathrooms in the park had to be closed because of people having sex in them.. I can’t understand why anyone would want to have sex in public bathrooms but that’s just me.

I really don’t care if some one is straight or gay. I don’t want or think it’s right for them to have sex in a park. They should just go home or get a room or something. Gay people get the attention but I’m sure there’s plenty of straight people that do it to.

Breezy view at Chickies Rock County park seems to be a pickle park too. Near and after dark when we were coming out of the woods a bit late from caching we’d always see men backed into parking spots sitting in their cars.

I don’t really care whether someone’s gay or straight or anything else. They should just do what ever they want as long as it’s consensual. Public parks just aren’t the right place to do it.

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