Oct 202008

I thought this was worth notiing since this area  is not exactly geologically active.  I  just heard on the news that Dillsburg, PA had another minor earthquake Sunday.  They just had one a few weeks ago.   No damage or anything like that.  Quakes are just unusual in that area.  When  you  think about it though, there has to be some  unknown faults underground from when the Appalachian  mountains were formed.

Apr 072008

Last we

ekend we visited Bushkill falls in northeastern Pennsylvania.  Our trip began on an ugly looking day in which it looked like it could rain at any minute.  It was a bit of a later start than I would have liked but that happens some times.  It’s only  about a 2½ hours drive from here.

When we arrived the sun came out and pretty much stayed out the whole time.  That’s something we haven’t seen a lot of this spring.  I’m pretty sure we saw all their falls and Molly got to practice with her camera too.

It really is amazing what nature and water can do.

Probably my favorite picture. This is the bottom of the main falls and the sun is that right angle to cause a rainbow in the spray. Also interesting in this area was the ice that was still on some of the stairs. I really am curious how thick that gets in the winter now.

I liked this one too. It’s another of the larger falls in the area and you could actually get pretty close to it.

I’m sure I’ll post more pictures later.

Aug 272007

Tomorrow morning there will be a total lunar eclipse. It will begin at 3:52 am and become a total eclipse at 5:52 am. The moon will turn red. We won’t have the best view here because it’s so close to moon set but still it’s pretty cool that it will be the second eclipse this year.

Aug 212007

Hurricane Dean is a category three storm now with sustained winds of 125 miles per hour. It’s over the Yucatan now being over away from it’s fuel source it should continue to weaken until it gets back over water.

Dean made landfall as a category 5 storm with sustained winds of 165 miles per hour and gusts to 200 mph. It isn’t too often you get the chance to watch a strengthening category five hurricane make landfall. It had a minimum pressure of 906 millibars at landfall. It’s in the top ten for strongest storms in the Atlantic basin.
Hurricane Dean just before landfall

Aug 212007

Hurricane Dean is approaching the Yucatan peninsula right now and should make landfall overnight. It’s finally reached category five status with winds at 160 miles per hour. It has been fun watching it develope and strengthen.

Hopefully it doesn’t hit a very populated area of Mexico because 160 mile an hour winds can cause a lot of destruction. It’s almost enough to make me feel guilty for loving extreme weather. I don’t think I’ll be sleeping much tonight. I feel the need to watch the hurricane now.

Mar 312007

We hid a cache at Chickies Rock county park a few days ago. Knowing where it is we can see the location from the overlook trail so we decided to stop in and go out to the overlook and see if any cachers were there. We ran into iBrew. It was nice to see him. We then headed out to the overlook to watch the sun set. Here’s a picture.

Sunset at Chickies Rock overlook

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Mar 152007

Molly has been wanting to use her camera and I remembered hearing about the snow geese at Middle Creek on the news the night before so I asked her if she wanted to go check it out. There just happened to be a new cache on the way so we got a FTF on the way.

The game commission estimates 180,000 of them have been there. I’ve never seen so many birds on one place. They were not as loud as I expected. I was surprised but it was neat hearing them all.

It was interesting to see them take off and go into formation. It seemed like thousands flew at once but it didn’t seem to make a difference to the way the lake looked. It was still covered with birds.

I had read about it before when I first moved here when loking for things for us to do but we never got over there.
I’m glad we got over there. Even though we didn’t go over there for geocaching we probably would have never went if we didn’t cache because we’ve been there before for caching and knew how to get there. I’m disappointed Molly didn’t take the pictures off her camera yet so I can’t post any.

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