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Thank You For Calling The Police On Me At A Store Near Lancaster

This is a little annoying thing that happened to me this past Saturday. It begins with my girlfriend and I going to Old Navy in Lancaster because she wanted to check it out and I did too. I took a quick look but nothing really interested me but she was finding clothes for her so she kept looking and had to go try them on. I decided to go wait in the car.

I Want To See Again

Thursday, Jan 24, 2008
Today I’ve been thinking that I might be willing to give a cornea transplant another shot if the opportunity ever comes up. I have had a couple and both rejected. I have no idea where this is coming from but it’s on my mind today. The most recent one was fine one day and I woke up the next morning everything was very blurry. Before that things were great. I was noticing things every day that I had never seen before.

Large Print Books

Thursday, Jan 3, 2008
I got to spend a couple hours in a book store yesterday. I love books and could have walked out with a car full if it wasn’t so inconvenient to read them. If they were readily available I would probably read all the time. Large print books are available but they are expensive and still not quite big enough for me to see. There is also not much of a selection of large print books out there.

How One Teacher Ruined School for Me

Thursday, May 3, 2007
My Nan came up to visit last weekend and she brought some old report cards of mine that she had found in her house. They were from elementary school. That was when I still liked school. That whole thing reminded me of the time when I stopped liking school. It changed in sixth grade. I didn’t realize my good eye had gotten worse but the doctor said I should have another cornea transplant so I put my name on the waiting list.