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Dillsburg Still Having Tremors

Friday, Oct 24, 2008
Wow.. This is pretty interesting to me. I heard on the news that the earthquakes are continuing in York county. One even occurred while a scientist was setting up a portable seismograph. They say they hope to be able to detect where exactly the tremors are happening so they can determine the cause. They seem to be pretty weak quakes but still it’s pretty unusual on the east coast and even more unusual to have a swarm of them like Dillsburg has been experiencing.

Phoenix Lander Might Move a Rock

Tuesday, Sep 23, 2008
[NASA’s Phoenix Lander Might Peek Under a Rock][1] I thought this was really pretty interesting. It must be pretty cool to work on this and try to come up with a way to make the lander’s robotic arm perform a task it wasn’t designed to do. To me it would be a great challenge to make it do something that is so simple that we take it for granted yet in reality a complex task and break it down into commands.

LHC Going On Line

Wednesday, Sep 10, 2008
Today is the day LHC goes on line for testing. I’ve been looking forward to seeing what we can learn from this massive machine. It’ll probably create more mysteries than it solves. Will it confirm our current theories or prove them wrong or make no difference at all? This is real science. It’s not going to create a black hole that will destroy the earth. Even if there was a small risk of that happening I believe the risk would be worth it to expand our knowledge.

Earth's Radio Sounds

Wednesday, Jul 2, 2008
[Earth’s Cries Recorded in Space][1] I saw this posted on Slashdot this morning but thought it was interesting. They talk about Auroral Kilometric Radiation which is caused by charged particles from the sun hitting Earth’s magnetic field. To me this is what makes science so great. I wonder if other planets make similar sounds. I would be interested in what Neptune and the other gas giants would sound like. I wonder radio would sound like if we could go back in time with a receiver before we had anything that could cause interference.

Burn Saltwater With RF

Wednesday, Sep 12, 2007
Can saltwater be burned as fuel? This link talks about a man from Pennsylvania who discovered that exposing saltwater to radio frequencies can break the bonds of the saltwater. I don’t know if this could help with fuel or anything because I’m sure it takes more energy to break the saltwater bonds apart into hydrogen and oxygen than is released when it burns and creates water again but still it’s very interesting.

Interstellar Dust Like Life

Friday, Aug 17, 2007
saw something interesting last night. Scientists have discovered that under the right conditions plasma can become organized into helical structures that can interact with each other in ways that are associated with life. The article says they can dived to from two copies of the or the original structure. I thought this was very interesting. It reassures my belief that there is other life in the universe. I think there is life in forms that we couldn’t even imagine.