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Best Ribs Around

Friday, Jul 16, 2021
We love going to J.B. Dawson’s for their ribs and have really missed them during the pandemic. Every single time we’ve gotten the ribs their they’re always fall off the bone and taste great. Their options for sides aren’t really something I’m thrilled with but the cole slaw is good. The thing that that throws me off is they have three different price levels for them and even in the most expensive ones there’s not much I’m really thrilled with.

Fresh Strawberries

Sunday, Jun 6, 2021
One nice thing about living here in Lancaster County is sometimes you see stands selling fresh fruits or vegetables. There are still some farms around here that haven’t been sold out to development yet but I’m sure that’s only matter of time. There’s one stand on East Main Street that we typically get stuff from different times. I could be wrong but something is making me think they may be Amish.

Black Licorice Ice Cream

Thursday, Oct 8, 2020
My girlfriend has been wanting Black licorice ice cream forever since she loves ice cream and black licorice. I personally made fun of her saying it sounds disgusting and that’s why we could never find it. Finally I found it at so I paid entirely too much to get a pint shipped. I understand why it cost so much now after seeing how it was packaged in a cooler and dry ice.

Joy's For Takeout Again

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020
We’ve gotten food and drinks from Joy’s Tavern for our weekly eating out night for the past few weeks. The food each time has been awesome. Other than last week (our own fault waiting 15 minutes for slushies) the food has been hotter and fresher than many of the other places we’ve been getting takeout during the whole pandemic thing. They actually have pretty good cheese steaks. The best part about it is they don’t call them Philly cheese steaks!

First Time Getting Ice Cream At Little Dippers This Summer

Tuesday, Jun 23, 2020
A couple of years ago we discovered that little dippers in Mount Joy has Penn State Creamery ice cream. We went there far too often the last two summers after discovering that they had the Penn State ice cream and just how good that stuff is. It’s easily some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had. They have unique flavors and they have neat names for a lot of them.

Got A Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza From Two Cousins

Monday, Jun 8, 2020
We don’t get pizza all that often but when we do, we typically get Two Cousins Pizza since they have the drive through. We’d go other places to dine in but obviously with the whole pandemic that’s not even an option if we wanted it to be. Anyways Molly got home from work pretty late so we decided to grab a pizza and chill on the patio with an adult beverage since it was such a nice evening.

I Tried Something New To Me At Harvey's BBQ in Mount Joy

Thursday, Dec 19, 2019
We decided to head over to Harvey’s BBQ for supper tonight. We both love their pulled pork and the brisket is awesome too. I get that a often myself but wanted something a little bit different than the usual. I was actually considering a burger or something like that. Our server mentioned their specials, one of which was their southern lasagna which she said was pulled pork or brisket layered with BBQ sauce and mac and cheese.

Harvey's BBQ in Mount Joy's Ribs

Thursday, Mar 28, 2019
We’ve been meaning to get back to this place for a while but we like to walk and the weather’s been quite uncooperative for that. Today it worked out that we went over there and I am glad we did. Normally I get the pulled pork or beef brisket which have both always been amazing. Today the special was Ribs with a specialty sauce. I decided to try the ribs and I’m very glad I did.

Best Italian Food In Mount Joy

Monday, Dec 3, 2018
We love going to┬áRosie’s Tavola for supper once in a while. Not as often as we’d like but it helps us appreciate it more when we do go. We’ve never had bad food there. I’ve had 5 or 6 different things since they’ve been open and It’s always Excellent. It’s one of our favorite places to go on our go out to eat night.

Chicken Pot Pie For Supper

Friday, Feb 23, 2007
We’re having chicken pot pie for supper today. Not the stuff you get in the store. The Amish kind with the home made noodles. If you’ve never had it you have to try it. It’s starting to smell good. I really do like Molly’s pot pie better than the store bought kind even though I like that too. It’s interesting how they are completely different things but have the same name.