Category: annoyances

Maybe I Should Start Leaving One Star Reviews For Apps That Nag For Reviews

Tuesday, Oct 13, 2020
You just have to love the pop ups when you open an app begging you to leave a review in the play store or what ever. Your pop up is intrusive and getting in the way of me doing what I downloaded or possibly purchased your app to do. You don’t really want my review when that happens. The best ones are when the nag screen comes up the first time you even run the app.

Facebook, Stop With The Pennsylvania Primary Reminder

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
I have no need for any social media such as Facebook to remind of of any elections, especially the Pennsylvania primary. I am well aware of when it is. Social media is I think one of the biggest reasons we had such a clusterfuck during the last presidential election. A choice between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton was the best they two main parties could offer. It was like deciding if I would rather be kicked in the left nut or the right nut.

Free Dumb

Thursday, Apr 30, 2020
It’s getting old seeing people congregate or have their little get togethers. Or the group of people having a good old gathering in the grocery store parking lot with of course two cars just randomly stopped in the driving lane. That group included a toddler. I’m seeing others have their gatherings too. So many of those people are sure to be in the high risk group. Hell one of them I know among other health issues has lung issues.

It Would Be Nice If Pay Walled Sites Were Pushed Down In Search Results

Wednesday, Apr 1, 2020
I was searching for information on the Idaho earthquake last night and the first three links I clicked were pay walled. Not that there is anything wrong with paywalls themselves, it’s the publishers choice to have them and make money somehow. Hell, if prices were more reasonable and there was a safe, reasonable payment method I’d pay for a few sites. My only issue with them is when they show up as a top search result on a search engine with the full snippet of what you’re searching for but then when you click the link it’s pay walled.

I Don't Need An Animated Scroll Effect To The Bottom Of Your Page When I Click Support

Wednesday, Mar 25, 2020
I just visited Samsung’s website to find out something about my SSD. They’re website has been shit for as long as I can remember, even back when I had a note 5 phone. When I clicked support to find out just out of pure curiosity whether there are any firmware updates available for it after reading about a bug in a different brand. I don’t doubt there are firmware updates since SSDs basically are controlled by their own mini computer.

We Don't Appreciate Getting Bugged About Electric Companies While In The Store

Thursday, Dec 5, 2019
The other day we had to go to Best Buy to pick something up. We were a;ready annoyed because there was no price for the item. Out of no where a woman comes over to us I though great a Best Buy employee finally wants to help us when we need it. If we’re just looking at something they show up right away but when we want help they’re never around.

No I Don't Want To Install Your App

Thursday, Oct 17, 2019
Not much is more annoying when I’m googling something and see a pop up about installing an app. No thank you. I’d prefer to view the information my way with my text size and colors. I don’t want microscopic black text on a white back round with mostly white space. not to mention half of what’s actually available one the website to make room for the ads. There’s also the likeliness that the app is running all the time tracking me or possibly listening to me.

Please Stop With The Auto Play Videos

Monday, Feb 4, 2019
Please stop using auto playing videos in news articles. If the video adds something to the content of the article that’s great, have the video there but allow me to click play when I’m ready. It’s particularly annoying when I’m on my phone where I only have a finite amount of data and speed. Nothing like full volume startling you when you’re trying to read the news first thing in the morning.

Legit Companies Need To Stop Abusing My Email

Friday, Jan 18, 2019
Daily spam emails are not what I signed up for when I give my email address when I purchase a product or service from you. I only gave you that for communications related my order. To be fair I don’t mind an occasional one like once a month if I opt in to it with out that opt in being hidden in the terms of service legalize. Maybe a large group of people should start calling companies daily when they pull that shit.

Stop Spamming Me!

Saturday, Dec 15, 2018
Just because I’ve ordered an item from your company does not mean I requested to sign up for your daily spam to buy more shit that I don’t want. I swear I’ve unsubscribed from this company’s mailing lists multiples times

Barking Dogs

Wednesday, Jul 18, 2018
There’s a guy who has 3 dogs. They are tied up outside all day long most days while he works. They bark, bark then more barking. They feed off of each other’s barking. In hindsight it’s the same dogs I was hearing before he moved a block closer. Today I heard some guy yell “shut the fuck up” at them so at least it’s not only us gets tired of hearing them.