What Is It With Pictures Of Menus On Restaurants’ Websites?

Well I found yet another website for a local restaurant that is pretty much unusable to me and many others. Usually if we’re planning on going someplace I haven’t been I like to look for them online ahead of time to look at their menu if they have a website.

For the place we’re going to be going I thought great I found their website. For one thing it’s slow loading and that’s just annoying.

The real annoying thing is they have a link for their menu. Well the menu is pictures of the menu. Why go through the trouble have typing it out I guess. The text is so small I can’t even read it using my magnifier. Sure I could down somehow zoom in but I shouldn’t have to do that.

It seems like these shitty sites always have a link to the designer’s website at the bottom. I’d be embarrassed to admit I designed it.