We Don't Appreciate Getting Bugged About Electric Companies While In The Store

The other day we had to go to Best Buy to pick something up. We were a;ready annoyed because there was no price for the item. Out of no where a woman comes over to us I though great a Best Buy employee finally wants to help us when we need it. If we’re just looking at something they show up right away but when we want help they’re never around. Anyways this woman just out of the blue.. “we’re here with best buy doing this today. Who is your electric company?” No, we don’t want to fucking switch electric companies and if we did we’d find one ourselves. Don’t ask me how it’s better for the consumer to have an extra layer of for profit company in there but I’m not a lobbyist

The whole thing reminds me of the guy my mom put on the phone for me switch electric companies. He went on this story about how it would be free if I get such and such number of people to sign up. I said so it’s a pyramid and he got all defensive and say its not. I said no it’s just a another name for a legal pyramid. Then he switched to how he has two cars that he paid for by selling this company’s crap. I informed him how I’m blind and don’t drive so I really don’t care about cars but he continued to brag about his cars. My mom got upset with me when I told her I didn’t Appreciate her making me talk to him and told her nothing is free.